The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Such A Hypocrite

She took one step forward then fell on her knees. "I admit my guilt. I did not believe in my elder sister, and thats on me. As for the Spirit Stabilizing Pill" Feng Xiupei clenched her teeth harder, then took out a brocade box from her storage ring. "This is from my Master, but my sister needs it more than I do, so Im giving it to her now."

"Peier!" Xu Jiayi shouted anxiously. That was a Spirit Stabilizing Pill! How could she give it away so easily?

Feng Xiupei lowered her eyes. "Eldest Sister needs it more."

Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pills were only useful to those who were at the Spiritual Master level or above. Feng Tianlan was only at the Spiritualist level, so she wouldnt be able to use it at this stage, and she had time to get it back. She was going to just leave it with her for a while, so Feng Xiupei was not worried.

Feng Tianlan took the box from her hands and opened it to find a Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill with a fusion rate of 75. This was extremely rare in the Guiyuan Continent. Since Feng Xiupei was willing to give it up to silence the crowd, everyone assumed that she must be scheming something even more terrible.

"A Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill is an invaluable item. My Second Sister sure is generous." Feng Tianlan put it into her Pill Scroll Realm, as if it had belonged to her all along, then glanced at Feng Xiupei, who had pursed her lips into a smile despite feeling deep pain.

When she saw the Spirit Stabilizing Pill land in Feng Tianlans hands, Feng Xiupeis heart bled inside. She had to tolerate it for the time being.

"Earlier, you admitted your guiltthats admitting to murder." The governor had not forgotten why they were all here in the first place. This was a court, not a theatre.

Feng Xiupei continued kneeling with her eyes lowered. "I admit my guilt. But I do not confess to the crime of premeditated murder, only manslaughter. This Marrow Cleansing Pill was originally meant for my younger sister, Feng Xiuyu. But then, I heard that her cinnabar field had been destroyed, so I decided to give it to my elder sister at the last minute. Perhaps some people dont like me, so theythey are trying to make me fall out with my sisters."

It didnt matter what method she used. As long as she wasnt labelled a murderer, she could find some way to support her story. After all, she did have several enemies at the Flying Frost Pavilion. Plenty of people had picked on her or tried to frame her, so this was a plausible story.

Hearing this, Feng Tianlan laughed quietly. Then, with a mocking smile, she gave a gentle reminder: "Second Sister, this story doesnt add up. Earlier, when you gave the pill to me, you said that you had specially asked your Master for the Marrow Cleansing Pill for me. Why are you now saying that it was meant for Third Sister?"

Her memory was really terrible. It had only been two hours since this whole thing had started, but she couldnt recall exactly what she had said.

"Eldest Sister" Anger flashed in Feng Xiupeis eyes, but when she looked up at Feng Tianlan, she put on her most piteous expression. She looked as though she was asking why Feng Tianlan was picking on her, or in what way she had somehow offended Feng Tianlan.

"Eldest Sister, do you remember wrongly?" She really did not remember what she had said.

"Second Miss did say that she had specially requested the Marrow Cleaning Pill for Feng Tianlan."

"So, whos telling the truth and whos lying?"

"I dont know. So, first she says that the pill was intended for Feng Tianlan, but now that someone has died she says it was meant for Feng Xiuyu. Then, she also hid away the Spirit Stabilizing Pill. What did she say about that at first?"

"She said that it was meant for Feng Xiuyu but then hinted that Feng Tianlan had snatched it away, which was why Feng Xiuyu mentioned something about a Feng family treasure. Now, she says that her Master gave it to her, but since Feng Tianlan needed it more, she wanted to give it to Feng Tianlan."

"Oh my god. So many lies in just a few sentences. How can we believe what she says?"

"Haha! She killed that man. I believe that."

"Oh gosh. Shes such a hypocrite. She only created a perfect image of herself, but shes really just a fake person."


The crowd started finding all sorts of ways to mock and tease Feng Xiupei. Her face grew paler and paler until she was almost unable to suppress her true personality.




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