The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Beat Feng Xiupei On The Buttocks

"It does not matter. Please do not call on me anymore. Im not worthy of being of service to your family." Su Ji had a nasty look on his face. He snorted, then turned and left.

He felt that Feng Xiang must have bribed the forensic doctor to come up with a new report. There was nothing he could do, but he would never set foot in the Fengs house ever again.

Feng Xiang frowned slightly. He had offended Su Ji, but he was only a Grade 5 Alchemist. How dare he put on airs because the emperor favored him! To him, the emperor wasnt anyone important.

Feng Tianlan wasnt surprised by this turn of events. If Feng Xiang were so easy to defeat, he wouldnt be Feng Xiang anymore. Besides, she only wanted to tear a small hole in Feng Xiupeis maskeventually, the hole would get bigger until it finally revealed her real face.

"Kneel!" The governor saw that they were about to stand up, so he slammed the table once more. "I am not done speaking, so whats the hurry!"

Feng Xiangs face turned nasty. This man was merely a governor. How dare he make him kneel? What audacity!

"Even though she is not guilty of murder, Feng Xiupei acted hypocritically in public, which resulted in the victim consuming a Marrow Cleansing Pill and eventually dying. This cannot go unpunished. I hereby sentence her to a hundred strokes of the paddle and seven days in jail."

"Your Honor, thats not fair! It was Feng Tianlan who gave the pill away, so you should find her guilty! Why are you sentencing my Peier?" Xu Jiayi became anxious when she heard that he had sentenced her daughter to a hundred lashes.

"Firstly, as our nations first genius and someone who possesses a Marrow Cleansing Pill, she should know that a normal person should not consume such a pill. Still, she did not stop this from happening. Secondly, she falsely accused her elder sister of murder. Thirdly, to convict her sister, she made a mess in court. If you are not happy with this judgment, you may appeal."

The governor replied with great seriousness, and Xu Jiayi was not able to refute him.

"I accept the punishment," Feng Xiupei hurriedly responded. She was quite sure that, even though shed received a sentence of a hundred strokes, they wouldnt dare hit her too hard. She was, after all, the Second Miss of the Feng family, and a disciple of Flying Frost Pavilion.

She just wanted this matter over and done with as soon as possible.

"Peier," Xu Jiayi called out worriedly.

The governor hit the gavel a few times to quiet everyone down, then continued, "As for Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi, you are found guilty of obstructing justice and creating chaos in court. I hereby sentence you both to thirty strokes of the paddle and three days in jail. If you object, please appeal."

The governor proceeded to read the crimes of the old folks who had falsely testified. Because of their age, he only confiscated their silver and sentenced them to ten strokes of the paddle each.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

After reciting all the crimes, the governor hit the gavel and instructed, "Bring out the paddles!"

In a few moments, the 55-pound paddles were brought in. Feng Xiupei automatically went to sit on the chair for this purpose. Her thin fingers gripped the chair tightly as her pretty eyes stared hatefully at Feng Tianlan.

Seeing that she had gotten onto the chair, the governor gave the order: "Beat her, now!"



With every stroke of the 55-pound paddle, Feng Xiupei grunted from the pain. They were hitting her very seriously and without mercy. This was different from what she had expected. How could these people not be merciful on account of who she was?

"The paddle has hit her, but shes not even bleeding. They must be hitting very lightly, which is as good as not hitting at all."

"Theyre obviously hitting the three Feng family members lighter. Look over there at the old folks, screaming away like theyre in a pig slaughterhouse. Theyre all bleeding."

"Dont ask for too much. Its already good enough that our first female genius is allowing her butt to be beaten in public. How hard do you think theyd really beat her? Dont forget who her supporters are."




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