The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 117

Chapter 117 His Highness Is Cruel But Her Highness Is Even More Ruthless

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"How infuriating! What was that about her being the nations first female genius? I think shes more like the nations top female hypocrite! She just spouts lies like thatand shes not even embarrassed."

"Youre right. Her perfect image is all a sham."

"Haha! You have got to take a look at this. See how bouncy her butt is! Shell be really good in bed."

"Speaking of which, when I think about her hypocritical words, its as ridiculous as a prostitute wearing a chastity belt. So shameless!"


The crowd outside started discussing Feng Xiupeis figure and all the hypocritical things she had said earlier. Her pretty, gentle, and kind image was slowly going down the drain.

To them, she was no longer perfect.

Feng Tianlan glanced over and noticed that someone had left the crowd. She frowned. Since there was no need for her to stay, she quickly followed him.

Once she was out of the court, she scanned the streets and saw a shadow go by. She swiftly moved in the same direction.

She followed the man until she reached a small alley, where she saw two menone with his back facing her, and another facing her with his head lowered. The two seemed to be discussing something.

The moment she walked in front of them, they suddenly became alert. But when they turned and saw her, they quickly kneeled and said, "Your Highness."

"You are the ones helping me?" Feng Tianlan frowned slightly. Earlier in court, she had already noticed that the crowds opinion of her had started to change. Upon closer observation, shed realized someone was manipulating the crowds opinion.

Someone was helping her, after all. It made her think of the three men who were killedthese two must have been responsible for that as well.

"We only act on orders given. Dont worry, Your Highness, we have not been given any orders to follow or watch you," the one who had been facing her earlier quickly explained, afraid that she had misunderstood.

Feng Tianlan frowned a little. "Your Highness?"

It was true that they hadnt tailed her. If they had, she would have discovered them by now.

But what was this form of address

"Lord Wargod."

"Si Mobai." Feng Tianlan frowned even harder, and she looked at them both. "So, everything that happened earlier was also on his orders?"

She didnt know why, but a strange feeling arose in her heart.


Actually, the original command from His Highness had been to play it by ear. But, whoever dared to try to get fresh with Her Highness deserved to die!

Her Highness belonged to His Highness. Whoever challenged this had to die!

Besides, these actions could be labeled as a hero saving his damsel in distress. Since His Highness wanted to marry Her Highness, he had to do something to prove his worth, right?

"What else did he order you to do?" She had guessed as much. After hearing the answer, she was somewhat touched.

"His Highness told us to play it by ear, but we must not curtail Your Highness freedom." In other words, as long as her life was not in danger, they did not have to do anything.

However, if he had described their orders like that, Her Highness might think that His Highness didnt care about her, so he thought hed better make things sound nicer.

"Dont call me Your Highness anymore. Ill thank him when he comes back." Feng Tianlan then turned and left.

The two subordinates exchanged glances, staring at each other in disbelief.

"His Highness hasnt won Her Highness heart yet?"

"His Highness is a cruel man, but Her Highness is even more ruthless."

"What are we going to do? It isnt easy for His Highness to have a queen."

"Play it by ear."

They felt like they had to find some way for His Highness to go after Her Highness. But, seeing that she was even colder than him, it might be nearly impossible for His Highness to take home this icy beauty!

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