The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Ill Kill Anyone Who Dared To Covet Him

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Chuling and Luo Yunzhu quickly appeared soon after Feng Tianlan stepped foot in the Feng Manor. Upon hearing about her arrest, Chuling sped off to Luo Yunzhu, who then took off to seek help from Luo Yuanjie

Thanks to their painstaking efforts, the case was finally settled. When they got to the Magistrates Office, the case has been closed.

Seeing how the two worked hard to plead for her case, Feng Tianlan was moved beyond words.


As a family of three thrown into jail, Feng Xiang could not send even a piece of information out of jail. Not only that, but no one could bail them out either.

As they were in a cell with other prisoners staying across them, they could not put on medication even though they were injured. They could only lie on their bellies on top of dried grass.

"Peier, youve suffered today." Feng Xiang took a look at Feng Xiupei, who rested with her eyes shut. To enter the jail on the first day she returnedit was seriously bad luck.

Furthermore, the entire family of three was thrown into jail together. If not for Feng Xiuyu being afraid that he would beat her, she should also be in prison with them right now.

He could not comprehend who was the one helping Feng Tianlan.

Feng Xiupei acknowledged calmly and replied, "Lets not talk about such useless things. Wed better investigate who on earth was helping Feng Tianlan."

What happened today was too strange especially the elderly couple, who suddenly went back on their testimonies and called them the masterminds.

"The only person who could make the Magistrate behave like that was the Emperor. However, I cannot fathom the reason why His Majesty would be helping her."

Feng Xiangs analysis was logical, but it was still slightly off, for the real person behind this matter was actually Si Mobai.

Feng Xiupei opened her eyes. The prisoners directly across their cell stared at them in wide-eyed curiosity and schadenfreude. Upon meeting their gazes, Feng Xiupei repressed the hatred in her eyes and said, "Lets talk when we get back home."

There are too many shady people here in prison. Anything they said would easily leak.

Her perfect image was starting to crumble, and that was something she absolutely could not allow. When she finally gets out of jail, she must think of a way to salvage her image.

Just that

Feng Tianlan!

What an opponent. However, when going up against her, she had no choice but to admit defeat!

Feng Xiupei might have hidden the hatred in her eyes well. However, her hatred and anger towards Feng Tianlan were betrayed by the tightly balled fists. Destroying her image was something she would never tolerate.

The Emperor specially instructed the Feng family disaster of being thrown to jail. Therefore, they could not be bailed, nor can they be given any special treatment. They have to suffer imprisonment like any other prisoner and eat food gone bad like all others. The chamber pot was placed in the cell and went unchanged for three days. As the Feng family stayed in one cell, it was inconvenient and repulsive.

All in all, the few days that they were in jail were torture to them. It made them vengeful towards many.

As for Feng Tianlan, now in the Heavenly Phoenix Court, she was teaching Luo Yunzhu and Chuling in leisure. She would also often hide in the Pill Scroll Realm, refining pills to sell at the Ruyi Trade House. At the same time, she also thought of how she should handle the Fengs when they were released from prison.

Feng Xiuyu, who escaped the imprisonment ordeal, was not worried about the safety of her family at all. Instead, she was concerned about herself. She did not want to be a concubine, not at all. She hated the idea to the core.

Out of the dozen ways that she came up with, the quickest was to do something that cannot be undone.

She would never allow herself to become a concubine and would never let anyone be Si Rongs consort. He would only be hers, and she would kill anyone who dared to covet him!

Feng Xiuyu looked up at the Third Princes Manor in front of her and walked in determinedly.

Her parents were both away. It was her best chance.

When Si Rong returned from a long day of work, it was already late at night. When he heard that Feng Xiuyu was waiting for him, he dismissed the servants and walked in.

"Big brother Rong."

The moment Si Rong stepped foot into his room, a fragrant wind swept towards him and circled his waist. He could feel her thin clothes, and also almost feel her soft flesh tightly against his skin.

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