The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Ill Marry You With An Eight Carrier Bridal Sedan

Si Rong would not help but feel fluttery with a soft body in his arms. Unwittingly, he rested his hands on her slim waist; through the flimsy piece of clothing, he could feel her warmth.

"Yuer, dont be like this" Si Rong finally gave in to temptation and began to caress her slim waist. It felt so good that he almost lost control.

Feng Xiuyu circled his neck boldly and moaned softly, "Big brother Rong, Im scaredtheyve all been thrown into jail. Im scared, please dont leave me alone."

Now that shes left alone to fend for herself, and that Feng Tianlan had become this savage, god knows how she would be settling scores with her? Rather than watching her snatch Big Brother Rong away from her, she might as well make it a done deed.

Even if Feng Tianlan managed to snatch Big Brother Rong in the future, she could only be his concubine. Also, she was the one who got her hands on Big Brother Rong first. That alone would disgust and appall her!

Si Rong cant help but inhale sharply. At the age of eighteen, he had known Feng Xiuyu for a couple of years. However, the most that they did was to hold hands or embrace each other. Even if they kissed, it would just be a light, chaste kiss.

To win her heart, Si Rong had not married any wives or concubines over the past years. Even if he did had some maidservants, how could those women compare to the esteemed and doted Feng Xiuyu?

"Dont be afraid. With me around, they will be fine." Si Rong pushed Feng Xiuyu away but allowed his gaze to linger on her fragile body. He could no longer tear his eyes off her. Deep down, he decided that if she were to insist, he wouldnt refuse her any longer. After all, he would be marrying her soon. Bringing this forward was no big deal.

Feng Xiuyu threw herself to him yet again and hugged him tightly. She cried out in shyness and a slight sob, "Big Brother Rong"

The bed veils trembled as the candlelight flickered

Half-dreamy and half-awake, Si Rong heard someone sobbing amidst his grogginess. When he opened his eyes, he caught a blurry sight of someone sitting in front of the dressing table. Feng Xiuyu held up a pair of scissors in her hands and brought it down to her chest. Si Rong widened his eyes in shock.

This scene scared the wits out of Si Rong, who tumbled down the bed and pounced over immediately. He caught Feng Xiuyus hands with brute force, but the sharp blades of the scissors had already pierced through her skin.

"Yuer, what are you doing." Si Rong tore the scissors away from her grip sternly and threw it aside. He then pressed Feng Xiuyu tightly to his chest, locking her in a tight hug.

"Let me go! I am no longer chaste. I dont wish to live anymore. Let me go." Feng Xiuyu struggled with all her might, seemingly determined to die.

"Yuer, dont do this. Its all my fault. Im the one who lost control. In any case, we will be husband and wife sooner or later. Dont be rash; Ill tell His Majesty that youre the one Im marrying. " Si Rong blurted, fearing that she would die just like that.

He was the one who slept with her. If anything happened to her, he would entirely lose the support of the Feng Clan.

"Big Brother Rong, I want to be your wife, not your concubine. Anyways, Ive managed to be Big Brother Rongs woman before I die. I have no more regrets." After she said that, she struggled more and tried to reach for that pair of scissors thrown to the side.

Si Rong hung onto her for his dear life, unwilling to let go. He was extremely anxious, "Dont be rash, Ill take responsibility. Ill go to His Majesty right now and beg him to let me marry you. I will not let you become my concubine. How could I ever have the heart to do that?"

"But, Im no longer chaste."

"Im the one who slept with you. Besides, who would know if we both kept quiet?" With Feng Xiuyu still in his arms, Si Rong consoled her softly and persistently. Only then did Feng Xiuyu give up on the idea of committing suicide?

"Butbig sister" Feng Xiuyu grabbed his hand as tears formed in her eyes," Youve given your word to Big Sister. I cant implicate you further and cause you to lose the treasure. I cant hinder your grand plans; Id better"

"Theres only a little more than a month to your fathers birthday. Once I get the treasure then, Ill kill her at once. Then, Ill marry you into my home, with you sitting in an Eight-Carrier Bridal Sedan." Si Rong reassured.

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