The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Si Rong Tries To Be A Honeytrap

Feng Xiuyu felt shortchanged, hearing that he would only marry her after getting his hands on the treasure. She had not done all that she had, even sacrificing herself, for him not to marry her until he got his prize.

"Big Brother Rong, not only does my sister really like you, but she also has the treasure you desire. It would be best if you married her instead. As for me" Feng Xiuyu lowered her eyes and began to sob, "Im just a good-for-nothing. I should leave."

"Yuer, be good, and stop making a scene." Si Rong was growing impatient. He was no fool. All of this was just a ruse to make him pity her and make her his consort. However, he still needed her for his plans. There was, therefore, no need to expose too many of her wrongdoings.

He managed to shut her up with this warning. Feng Xiuyu could only cry silently and pitifully. She had annoyed Si Rong, and continuing the act would only make him detest her.

"Did you just say that Feng Tianlan is still in love with me?" Si Rong narrowed his eyes. He seemed to have come up with a good strategy. He continued, "I have a way to obtain the treasure beforehand."

"What?" An ominous feeling shrouded Feng Xiuyus heart.

"Isnt she in love with me? In that case, she will surely hand over the treasure obediently if I treat her a little better." Si Rong raised his eyebrows. Not only was this the quickest way, but he also felt that this would benefit him the most.

By then, he could make the treasure his own instead of sharing it with Feng Xiang. Besides, Feng Tianlan was no longer a good-for-nothing. Even if he were to make her his concubine, this would be a favor beyond her wildest dreams.

Furthermore, with Feng Tianlans current abilities, he could make her work as his assassin. He could give her a Beautifying Pill so that she recovered her previous beauty, and she could buy favors for him, making full use of her beauty should such need arise in the future.

The mere thought of it convinced Si Rong that Feng Tianlan was still very useful. She was a great pawn that could not be missed.

"Big Brother Rong, are you marrying her?" Blood immediately drained from an aghast Feng Xiuyus face. She had climbed into his bed so that she could force him to marry her. Why was the situation reversing?

Si Rong had not forgotten the benefits that Feng Xiuyu had brought him. He looked at her with a deep, loving gaze and said, "Shes not fit for the word marry. She would at most be a concubine and can never threaten you."

"Big Brother Rong." An unconcealable hatred filled Feng Xiuyus eyes. The one thing she could not allow was Feng Tianlan laying her dirty fingers on Si Rong, let alone making her his concubine!

Si Rong lifted her into a princess carry and put her on the bed. Tucking her under the blankets, he and assured, "Youre gracious and understanding. This is the end of the matter. Stop kicking up a fuss. As for Feng Tianlan, you can torture her as you wish once we coax the treasure out of her hands. After that, she will be all yours. No matter whether you want to torture her or even find men to gang-rape her, you may do as you please. But you must not ruin my current plans."

Feng Xiuyu raised her eyes and looked at Si Rong, who was gentle and caring. She could see that he had made up his mind. It was not something she could change, so she answered docilely, "Yuer will listen to Big Brother Rong."

She looked compliant on the surface, but deep inside those beautiful eyes lived a hatred that could not hide. She thought:

Feng Tianlan, I will never allow you to become one of Big Brother Rongs women. Never!

Since youve destroyed my honor, Ill make sure to pay you back for that.

Feng Tianlan, Im waiting to see the day when you are spat on by millions. Youll become the sluttiest wh*re mocked by millions!

Three days later, Feng Xiang and his family of three finally emerged from prison. Emitting a repulsive odor, the three of them looked worse than beggars. The jailer had thrown them out without giving them a chance to wash.

"Is that the worlds top genius maiden, Feng Xiupei?"

"It looks like her. She stinks! How much urine and feces has she got on her? She doesnt look like a goddess at all. One look, and anyone can tell shes a beggar, right?"

"Tsk tsk! People of power sure have it easy! They were only locked up for three days despite killing someone. Thats so unfair."




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