The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Waste Of My Feelings

Feng Xiupeis face twisted slightly, and she couldnt hide the hate she felt for Feng Tianlan anymore. She clenched her fists and teeth, trying hard to stop herself from losing her temper. She was not going to allow her emotions to be controlled by others.

When she heard that Feng Xiang and the others had come back, Feng Xiuyu came out just in time to listen to these words. She stepped forward to go over and hook Feng Xiupeis arm. When she realized that Feng Xiupei was covered with filth from head to toe, she took a step back instead.

"Sis, shes just desperately trying to save herself from embarrassment, playing hard to get. With those looks, even a beggar wouldnt fall for her." Feng Xiuyu had a trump card now. Shed forgotten all about the humiliation she had suffered earlier, but she most certainly had not forgotten about Si Rongs plan to seduce Feng Tianlan.

Feng Xiupei glared at her before turning to Feng Tianlan and saying in a gentle voice, "Peier heard those rumors, and some of them turned out to be false. I dont mean to rub salt into your wounds, and I hope Eldest Sister doesnt mind. Dont worry about being labeled a Malefic Star or a curse to menmy seniors arent superficial men."

All these years, the thing she had learned best from Flying Frost Pavilion was how to put on a pretense and make use of others for her benefit. So as long as there were outsiders around, she had to look gentle and kind. She would not allow herself to behave in any way detrimental to her image.

But behind closed doors, she wasnt going to go soft on anybody she was scheming against.

"Also, about the earlier matter, its my fault for not trusting enough in Eldest Sister. I hope you wont be angry with me," Feng Xiupei apologized very sincerely with her head bent as if the only thing shed done wrong was lack trust in Feng Tianlan.

"Getting angry with you is a waste of my feelings," Feng Tianlan coldly snorted at the immensely hypocritical Feng Xiupei and left for Heavenly Phoenix Court.

She didnt want to bother with such people, but she had to admit that Feng Xiupeis level of tolerance and pretense was seriously impressive.

A glint of viciousness flashed in Feng Xiupeis eyes as she saw Feng Tianlan ignore her and walk away. She was going to pay Feng Tianlan back a hundred times for the humiliation shed suffered while sitting in jail for the last three days.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

She had also done a quick test and realized Feng Tianlan was now at the Middle Stage Spiritualist level, and this was a significant threat to her. There was no way she would let anyone take the title of the South Winds Nations first female genius away from her, especially not Feng Tianlan!

"Sis, why are you so nice to her? You even want to introduce her to some of your seniors? A sl*t like her should be sold off to the brothels to turn tricks." Feng Xiuyu was very unhappy when she saw Feng Xiupei speaking nicely to Feng Tianlan.

"What do you know?" Feng Xiupei glared at her sister. Feng Xiuyu was too stupid, and thats why she had suffered so much humiliation. This time, when Feng Xiupei had supported her, shed ended up falling into Feng Tianlans hands.

Xu Jiayi felt for her younger daughter and said, "Peier, shes your only younger sister. Be nice to her."

"Before coming back, I asked my Master to make a pill for you. I believe its already on its way here." Feng Xiupei calmed down. They were family, after all. As long as none of them got in her way, she didnt mind being nice to them.

Besides, Feng Xiuyus character was perfect for her to use as a weapon. For the sake of her image, it was difficult for Feng Xiupei to launch direct attacks, but Feng Xiuyu could do it for her.

When she heard this, Feng Xiuyus eyes lit up. "Really?"

As long as she was able to continue her training and cultivation, she could become a genius again. Then Big Brother Rong would hold her in high esteem and stop thinking about Feng Tianlan, right?

Feng Xiang thought that was the best news he had heard in three days. The pill arriving was a Restoration Pill for repairing cinnabar fields so that Feng Xiuyu could train again. That way, the family would have two geniuses, and nobody ever complained about having too many geniuses in the house.




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