The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 123

Chapter 123 What Do You Think About Si Mobai?

Feng Xiupei nodded lightly and rubbed her temples as she said, "Im going to take a bath. Dont do anything about Feng Tianlan yet. Later tonight, Ill discuss with you what we should do next."

She had spent the last three days in jail, so she wanted to wash off all the bad luck and the rest as well. Only then could she think about how to deal with Feng Tianlan.

"It has been hard on you for the past three days. Go get some rest," Feng Xiang quickly replied. Never mind his daughter he felt like these last three days had been more like three years. Luckily, he was a Feng, so none of the other inmates had dared to do anything to him. Otherwise, he was pretty sure he would have suffered more.

"Get someone to kill those old folks," Feng Xiupei calmly instructed. How dare they betray her at the last moment! They deserved to die!

Feng Xiang nodded in acknowledgment, and subconsciously found himself placing Feng Xiupei at the center of his attention. After all, this older daughter was a top genius with many tricks up her sleeve and was much more intelligent than Feng Xiuyu.

It was a stormy night with endless thunder. The rain fell in large drops like a broken pearl necklace, drenching the world in nights darkness.

In the study, the weak candlelight wavered in the wind. Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi sat in the higher section, while Feng Xiupei and Feng Xiuyu sat in the lower section. As they talked more about what had happened recently, Feng Xiuyus eyes became redder and redder from anger. She was ready to rush out in the rain to Heavenly Phoenix Court and kill Feng Tianlan immediately.

"So, the token of marriage is the Fengs family treasure?" Feng Xiupei had more details now, and she was interested in this treasure, but she still had no idea what it could do.

"Thats right. Ive heard someone say before that this treasure can even command Spiritual Emperors." Feng Xiang explained in a serious tone. The someone hed heard this from was obviously his late wife, the previous Feng Clan Head.

Feng Xiuyu didnt think much of that. "What amazing treasures could that old hag have had? She must have said that to mislead us."

Command Spiritual Emperors?

It was a bold statement. There were only five people who had reached the Spiritual Emperor level the guardian of South Peace Nation, the guardian of Beiqi Nation, and the leaders of the three major sects. Who else was there?

"If you dont know anything then dont say anything," Feng Xiupei glared at Feng Xiuyu. A Spiritual Emperor was powerful enough to destroy a nation, and anybody would want the power to command such people. Not just her father, but even Feng Xiupei herself coveted this.

Feng Xiuyu pouted and harrumphed as she turned to sit unhappily in a corner.

Feng Xiang continued to complain about how the emperor, Si Ming, had given the treasure directly to Feng Tianlan and how he had tried to get it back from Feng Tianlan but failed.

"If we cant touch her, we can aim for the people around her." Feng Xiupeis every statement was a scheme, and she used this tactic many times at the Flying Frost Pavilion.

Only the best and the brightest went to the Flying Frost Pavilion, yet some had still fallen into her traps. She was sure that the ignorant, useless Feng Tianlan would be no exception.

But when she thought about how Feng Tianlan had caused her to land in jail before she could even enter her own house, Feng Xiupei became so angry that she clenched her teeth. She managed to control her anger.

"Weve thought about trying to attack her slave girl, but there seems to be a highly skilled person around Feng Tianlan who protects them both," Feng Xiang solemnly replied. After the failed assassination on Feng Tianlan, he had thought about attacking Chuling instead.

But someone was protecting Chuling, and he couldnt even get close to her.

Feng Xiupei raised her eyebrows slightly. There was an evil glint in her eye. "Of course, I have a plan for that. But first, I need to repair my reputation."

"Peier, what do you intend to do?" asked Feng Xiang.

"There has recently been a surge in refugees entering the city. Arrange for some supplies and give out food and money out. Make sure its done as generously as possible," replied Feng Xiupei. This was the easiest and most effective method.

Xu Jiayi nodded approvingly, then looked at Feng Xiupei and asked, "Peier, what do you think about the Wargod, Si Mobai?"




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