The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 124

Chapter 124 A Crown Prince Of Xuantian Continent

Feng Xiang frowned because he didnt quite agree with Xu Jiayi. Then again, if they could get into Si Mobais good books, that wouldnt be a bad thing either.

"Si Mobai?" Feng Xiupei raised an eyebrow. There were tons of legends about the Wargod floating around the Guiyuan Continent. He was a famous man whom every woman in South Winds Nation wanted to marry, except her.

Feng Xiupei gave a look of disdain. "Hes not a bad choice, but I have a better one."

Si Mobai wasnt a lousy candidate, but he was from the Guiyuan Continent, after all. She was a phoenix destined to fly out of the Guiyuan Continent, so how could this lowly prince be worthy of her?

No matter how amazing Si Mobai was to the locals, he would be crushed like an ant the moment he left the Guiyuan Continent. How could he be worthy of her?

"A better choice?"

Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi both looked at her now, wanting to know who this person could be.

"A crown prince of the Xuantian Continent!" Feng Xiupeis eyes immediately lit up. Any strong fighter from the Xuantian Continent had to be publicly addressed as Supreme, so someone in line for the throne must be even more powerful.

Since she was a phoenix destined to fly out of the Guiyuan Continent, that man was definitely the one for her!

Si Mobai couldnt even compare to a finger on his hand.

Hearing this, Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi both became excited. "Whats going on?"

A crown prince of the Xuantian Continent!

They already would have been greatly shocked if she had said that he was a Supreme from the Xuantian Continent. Now, she was talking about someone who would become emperor!

"My Master said that this crown prince is coming to the Guiyuan Continent to find someone with great talent to bring back to the Xuantian Continent. He will arrive anytime now." Feng Xiupei started getting extremely excited. The Xuantian Continent was a universe that was generally out of reach to her, so how could she miss this chance?

"What if hes just going to be a puppet emperor?" Xu Jiayi became concerned.

Feng Xiupei wasnt worried at all. "So what? Even his guards are Supremes, and thats already better than the strongest fighter here. Besides, if hes in line for the throne, he cant be too useless."

"Could he be a scam artist?" Feng Xiang was also very worried.

"No, he isnt. Master has dealings with the Xuantian Continent and is fairly familiar with the place. He says this crown prince is a geniusas handsome as a fairy and gentle as still waters." Feng Xiupei started to sound smitten with this man. She said while making puppy eyes, "I hear from Master that his name is Xi Jin. What a lovely name."

In the future, she could call him Big Brother Jin!

"If that is true, then you must seize this chance," Feng Xiang responded thoughtfully. It would be a great honor to go to the Xuantian Continent. Becoming the wife of one of its princes would be an even greater honor.

Xu Jiayi looked at Feng Xiupei, beautiful as a fairy, and was filled with pride. "I told you, my Peier has the destiny of a phoenix. Shes a phoenix destined to fly out of the Guiyuan Continent."

Feng Xiuyu was annoyed by all this and scoffed, "Dont be too sure. Hes a prince from a place like the Xuantian Continent. Im sure hes seen his fair share of geniuses and beauties, so he might not fall for Sis."

"Yuer!" Feng Xiang shouted as he glared at Feng Xiuyu. He hadnt dealt with her after she had rashly mentioned the treasure, and now she had rekindled his anger.

Feng Xiuyu shrank back, but she was still feeling indignant. "I didnt say anything wrong."

Feng Xiupei wasnt angry, though. "What, you think he has lousy taste like you? How could you love an idiot like Si Rong?"

Feng Xiuyu immediately became furious when she heard this and glared at Feng Xiupei. "You are not to say anything bad about Big Brother Rong!"

Feng Xiupei didnt want to quarrel with someone so stupid, so she switched the topic back and said poisonously, "Dont touch Feng Tianlan for now. Ill deal with her and make sure she hands over the treasure obediently."




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