The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Reputation Restored Too Quickly

The next day, Feng Xiang arranged for people to quickly buy supplies and withdraw silver coins. The family took the next three days to put on a big show of being charitable and giving out food and moneyas if they were great philanthropists.

Feng Xiupei was an alchemist, so she went around the refugees to personally treat their illnesses, talking to them gently and warmly. In just three days, her reputation went from hypocritical goddess back to a benevolent goddess.

"Second Miss is so kind. Shed just returned home and then was framed and sent to jail. After being released, she didnt do other things first. Instead, she focused on contributing to society first."

"Exactly! I dont know what those awful people thought when they called her a hypocrite. If hypocrites were willing to do good deeds like her, then Id like to have more of them around."

"Actually, what happened three days ago was weird. Second Miss is too kind to have done something like that. Perhaps someone framed her."

"I think that it was Feng Tianlan. Dont you think that the Fengs have been a complete mess since that day when Feng Tianlan unexpectedly beat Feng Xiuyu?"

"Im not going to interfere. Ill just watch from afar."

The public comments continued, and Feng Xiupei was able to wash away all the dirt on her tainted reputation. Once more, she became that beautiful, gentle, and generous goddess.

Of course, she had not forgotten what she needed to do in the midst of putting on this show.

Meanwhile, Feng Tianlan sat in the courtyard with a teacup in hand. She raised an eyebrow thinking about how Feng Xiupei had used charitable deeds to repair her image. She was easier to handle than Shen Yunya, but Feng Xiupei was still quite formidable. And her skill level

She was strangely unable to detect what Feng Xiupeis actual skill level was and could only guess that she was at least a Middle Stage Spiritual Master. If she went up against Feng Xiupei, she would probably lose, so she had to train up faster quickly. Otherwise, never mind about going to the Xuantian Continent, she might not even get out of South Winds Nation alive.

The most important thing to do now was to advance in level. She didnt bother worrying about Feng Xiupei putting on a good show and focused instead on training inside the Pill Scroll Realm.

Once she entered the Pill Scroll Realm, she sat down cross-legged in front of the luscious green herb plantation and absorbed all the Spiritual force around her. Without her knowing, a layer of red light covered her body.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw Azurite dressed in blue using Spiritual water to irrigate the herbs. The higher Feng Tianlan advanced, the longer Azurite was able to appear, and the more she was able to do.

"Master," Azurite greeted her with a slight bow when she saw that Feng Tianlan had awoken. Azurite was fragile-looking but strong of spirit. "Congratulations, Master. You are now an Advanced Stage Spiritualist."

Feng Tianlan looked into her cinnabar field and saw that her blood-red cinnabar field now had an additional layer of green over it. She couldnt help but raise an eyebrow. She had moved up to an Advanced Stage Spiritualist, but it was only enough to defend herself. She had to become stronger.

"I need to get to First Stage Spiritual Master in the shortest time possible," replied Feng Tianlan in a grave voice. Within half a month would be ideal.

"Your humble servant believes her Master can do it." Azurite smiled as she reached out with her slim fingers, and a jade-colored pill scroll appeared in her hands. She used both hands to present it to Feng Tianlan and said, "If Master makes this potion, you can become a Spiritual Master within half a month."

Feng Tianlan reached out and took the scroll, scanned it, and memorized the contents with some shock. "Spirit Gathering Elixir."

Nobody on the Guiyuan Continent had ever heard of elixirs. The Xuantian Continent was renowned for its pills. Since the people of the Guiyuan Continent revered the Xuantian Continent, they focused their energies on pills, so nobody knew anything about elixirs.




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