The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Chuling Is Captured

The Spirit Gathering Elixir could be taken orally or bathed in, and there were no side effects. The only problem was that it could only be used on people who had not yet reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage. It did not affect those above Spiritual Grandmaster.

Consuming the elixir while training would double the absorption rate of Spiritual forces.

If she trained inside the Pill Scroll Realm and consumed this elixir at the same time, then she would train at four times the usual rate and advance much faster than usual. In that case, it would really be possible for her to reach Spiritual Master level in half a month.

"Once Master gets to the level of Spiritual Master, you can train with the Wood Element and make better pills." Azurite was sincerely happy for Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan smiled slightly as the jade-colored pill scroll disappeared into her palm. She looked at Azurite and said, "Azurite, are you able to walk out of the Pill Scroll Realm?"

Azurite was just a pill scroll, and the realm existed because of her. Did she have to stay in her cinnabar field forever?

"I can, but Master must reach a certain level before that can happen." Azurite pointed to a patch of green herbs and said, "You can harvest that patch now."

Feng Tianlan harvested the herbs and left the Pill Scroll Realm to make pills. Marrow Cleansing Pills, Spirit Boosting Pills, Spirit Stabilizing Pills, Nurturing Pills these were all the pills that she was very familiar with making. She was able to ensure that every batch produced five perfect pills.

She had to go out to buy some of the herbs to make the Spirit Gathering Elixir. She wanted to let Yunzhu and Chuling take it once she had made it.

When she walked out of her room, Feng Tianlan walked toward the stone table in the courtyard. There was a large bowl with a lid on it on the table. This was how Chuling kept warm food after she had cooked for her.

She removed the lid to find that there was no food inside. There was only a piece of paper and a wooden hairpin.

Feng Tianlans expression darkened. That wooden hairpin belonged to Chuling. On the piece of paper was written: If you dont want her to die, come by yourself after midnight to the Westside Bamboo Forest.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

"Feng Xiang!" Feng Tianlan clenched the wooden hairpin in her hand. Her eyes went cold as an icy knife, ready to pierce through anything.

It was one thing to attack her, but she wasnt going to let off anyone who touched the people close to her!

Feng Tianlan put the hairpin into her storage space and headed for the Ruyi Trade House. Her face was completely frosted over.

"Master Shen." Shopkeeper Zhou quickly stood up when he saw her. He was taken aback because Feng Tianlan had come without disguising herself.

Feng Tianlan acknowledged his greeting and took out the Spirit Stabilizing Pill that she had managed to make Feng Xiupei surrender. "Auction off this pill."

"Its a Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill. Is it that one?" Shopkeeper Zhou was stunned for a while, but then hed heard that Feng Xiupei had given Feng Tianlan this Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill.

Feng Tianlan nodded. "Send out word that I pawned this Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill to the Ruyi Trade House, and either my slave-girl or I will be back within the next two months to redeem it. If neither of us comes to redeem it after two months, then the Ruyi Trade House is free to auction it off or do whatever you want with it."

"Er" Shopkeeper Zhou had no idea what Feng Tianlan was trying to do, but he nodded and said, "Understood."

Since this was an order from the master of the house, did would not ask any questions and just took orders obediently.

After that, Feng Tianlan left Ruyi Trade House without disguising herself. It seemed that she wanted others to see where she had been.

She couldnt tell precisely how skilled Feng Xiupei was. Since she had a Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill, she was going to reach a new level soon. That pill was critical to Feng Xiupei.

Now that she had deposited the Spirit Stabilizing Pill with Ruyi Trade House and spread the word around, Feng Xiupei would have to think twice about killing her or Chuling.




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