The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 127

Chapter 127 What A Loyal Slave

Given her current capabilities, Feng Xiupei could defeat her. However, if Feng Xiupei wanted to go up against a well-established trade house, she would have to think twice before doing anything stupidunless she no longer wanted the Spirit Stabilizing Pill.

It was a cold autumn night. The moonlight shone on the vast land. A ghostly figure made its way through the forest amidst the howling of the cold wind. It made her look as frightening as an evil spirit.

Feng Tianlan arrived at the meeting place on time. The moment she walked into the bamboo forest, she saw Chuling tied between two bamboo plants. Her was head bowed and her clothes untidy, and there were bruises on her exposed neckas if she had been raped.

"Chuling." Feng Tianlan became anxious when she saw Chuling in this state and started making her way over without thinking.

When she heard Feng Tianlans voice, Chuling lifted her head and shook it violently as she looked at Feng Tianlan with bloodshot eyes. She was trying to tell her Miss not to come over because it was a trap.

Feng Tianlan looked above where Chuling was and saw that there seemed to be something waiting for her in mid-air, something as thin as silk. If she hadnt read up on these things in her previous life, she might never have noticed that there was a trap. But since Feng Xiupei seemed so confident, Feng Tianlan decided to pretend that she had fallen for the trap.

Feng Tianlan smiled mockingly as she pretended that she didnt see the trap and leaped across toward Chuling. While still mid-air, she triggered a catch of sorts. A net fell from the sky and trapped her.

Chuling made even more noise when she saw that the net had captured Feng Tianlan. Tears streamed down her face as she struggled to break free and save Feng Tianlan.

"And here I thought my older sister was brilliant."

Immediately after the net captured Feng Tianlan, Feng Xiupei came flying out like a fairy hiding in the shadows. She landed lightly in front of Feng Tianlan. She wore a broad smile, but her eyes could not hide her deep contempt and disdain.

Feng Tianlan was trapped in the net, which tightened with every move she made. If she moved too much, it would eventually cut into her and slice her up like tofu.

This net was no ordinary net it was a Silver Silk Net made from the silk of a Demonic Beast. Only a Spiritual Weapon could cut through it.

"I thought that you were going to continue pretending." Feng Tianlan pretended to struggle hard in the net so that she could lower Feng Xiupeis guard while thinking about what she ought to do next.

Silver Silk Nets were great weapons, and they were very suitable for Chuling. She decided that once she got herself out of the net and out of this place, she would keep this net for Chuling.

Feng Xiupei chuckled when she saw Feng Tianlan struggling and said, "Dont bother wasting your energy this is a Silver Silk Net. The more you struggle, the tighter it will become. An ordinary sword cant cut through it."

If Feng Tianlan hadnt caused her to go to jail immediately upon her return, she wouldnt have removed her mask this quickly. But she hated Feng Tianlan to the core and would not rest until she paid Feng Tianlan back for humiliating her like this.

Feng Tianlan pretended that she dared not move after hearing Feng Xiupeis words, but her fingers were still trying to feel around the Silver Silk Net. She took a quick glance at Chuling and said, "Let Chuling go, then Ill give you the token."

Chuling started screaming as best as she could at Feng Tianlan. There was a rag in her mouth that prevented her from talking.

"Wow, one is a loyal master, and the other is a loyal slave." Feng Xiupei walked over to where Chuling was tied up and tried to grab her chin, but Chuling dodged her touch. Feng Xiupei didnt get angry and continued smiling gently as she tore open Chulings clothes, revealing multiple bruises all over her body.

Feng Tianlans eyes were filled with murderous rage when she saw how badly injured Chuling was.

"She nearly bit her tongue off to commit suicide so that she wouldnt become a burden for you. If I hadnt been quick enough, a corpse would have been here waiting for you instead." Feng Xiupei pretended not to see the murderous look in Feng Tianlans eyes. She used her fair hand to stroke Chulings bruised skin. She laughed as she said, "And if you had come just a little later, she might have also lost her virginity."




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