The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Youve Got Guts

Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes and tried to suppress her anger before calmly saying, "I said, if you let her go, I will give you the token."

"No hurry." Feng Xiupei took back her hand and looked up to smile at Feng Tianlan. "Lets see how much youve offended me, then Ill calculate how much I have to do to you in order to dissipate the hate in my heart."

Feng Tianlan moved her body discreetly, and her fingers started to feel for where the Silver Silk Net was knotted together. As long as she could locate this section, this net would no longer be able to contain her. She had to stall for time with Feng Xiupei.

"As long as you let Chuling go, you can do whatever you want." Feng Tianlan looked at Chuling, who was struggling in the distance and shouting desperately. Even though she couldnt hear her, she could guess that Chuling just wanted her to leave her and make a run for it.

She was going to make Feng Xiupei suffer double the hurt that Chuling had experienced today!

"It wasnt easy for me to catch her, you know. Why would I just let her go like that?" Feng Xiupei looked Feng Tianlan up and down. She was trapped inside the Silver Silk Net with that horrible massive scar on her face, as if a scorpion were crawling on her. No matter how she looked at it, it was disgusting.

With such a disgusting face, nobody should care about her.

"Even the slave girl by your side has a highly-skilled Spiritual Grandmaster to protect her. Im very curious to know who is backing you up." Feng Xiupei was very curious about who it was and whether this person could be useful to her.

When she heard what Feng Xiupei said, Feng Tianlan suddenly forgot about finding the nets knot and looked at her in confusion. "A highly-skilled Spiritual Grandmaster?"

"Didnt you know?" Feng Xiupei frowned and looked suspiciously at Feng Tianlans perplexed face. Was she just pretending not to know?

Feng Tianlan continued to stare at her in bewilderment. "I dont know what youre talking about. If a highly skilled Spiritual Grandmaster were by my side, do you think that Feng Xiuyu would still be alive today?"

Someone was secretly protecting Chuling, and this person was a highly skilled Spiritual Grandmaster? Who could it be? Could it be one of Si Mobais men again?

Feng Xiupei saw that she really had no idea and didnt want to waste any more time. "Give me the token now, otherwise youll have to watch many others humiliate her to death."

Once Feng Tianlan was dead, who cared about this highly skilled Spiritual Grandmaster?

"I am but a humble Spiritualist, while you are a great Spiritual Masterand youre afraid that Ill escape?" Feng Tianlan continued feeling for the Silver Silk Nets knot, and looked at Chuling, who was still crying and struggling. "First, let Chuling go. Im stuck in this net and my skills are no match for yours, so I cant get away anyway."

"Feng Tianlan, youre such a schemer. Do you think I believe what you say?" Feng Xiupei scoffed at her. At least with the slave girl around, she could use her to threaten Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan continued calmly searching for the knot and said, "Ive already passed the Spirit Stabilizing Pill to the Ruyi Trade House. If neither I nor Chuling takes it back, the Ruyi Trade House will put it up for auction."

"Feng Tianlan!" Feng Xiupei clenched her teeth and screamed at her. She couldnt believe that, for the sake of a lowly slave, Feng Tianlan had pawned the Spirit Stabilizing Pill that shed begged for so desperately.

Feng Tianlan ignored Feng Xiupeis anger and smiled innocently at her. "Chuling must not be hurt at all; otherwise, this pill will be auctioned off very quickly. How long will it be before you get another Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill? And how long will it take you to get to the next level?"

"Youve got guts!" Feng Xiupei gritted her teeth and commanded, "Let her go."

If she didnt have the help of a Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill, she would never reach the Spiritual Grandmaster stage within the next five years. She would not let something like that happen!

Feng Tianlans fingers finally found the Silver Silk Nets knot and loosened it easily. She flashed a small smile at Chuling, who didnt want to leave and was still struggling to stay with her. She said in a low voice, "Believe me, if you stay here, youll be making things worse for me."

Feng Xiupei was at least a Mid-stage Spiritual Master. She could only launch an all-out attack if Chuling werent around. Otherwise, shed have to be careful not to hurt her.




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