The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Killing You Is Easier Than Killing An Ant

Chuling was still crying non-stop as she looked at Feng Tianlan. She wasnt willing to leave, but she also knew that she had to go and quickly get help because staying would make things more difficult for Feng Tianlan.

So, even though it was with much reluctance, Chuling had no choice but to leave.

"Shes gone now. You can hand over the token," said Feng Xiupei coldly. She had no more patience for Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan held the loose ends of the Silver Silk Net in her hands. "If you want the Spirit Stabilizing Pill back, Chuling has to be alive to redeem it."

"Shes just a lowly slave. I dont need to kill her," snorted Feng Xiupei. Her target was Feng Tianlan, anyway. Touching a lowly slave would merely dirty her hands.

"Lets go get the token, then." Feng Tianlan looked up and threw a glance at the guards. "Just youalone."

Feng Xiupei looked with disdain at Feng Tianlan, who was still trapped in the Silver Silk Net. She left the guards behind. After all, she was merely at the Spiritualist level. Caught in the Silver Silk Net, she was no match for her.

After walking for some time, Feng Xiupei grew impatient. "Where is the token? Dont you dare try anything funny! For me, killing you is easier than killing an ant."

Feng Tianlan stopped, then took out something from the Pill Scroll Realm and held it in her hand. "Here it is! This is the token you want so badly. Come and get it."

"Are you bluffing?" Feng Xiupei scoffed after one glance at it. "Im looking for a seal, not that thing in your hand. You better be honest with me."

Feng Tianlan didnt want Feng Xiupei to suspect anything, so she smiled quietly, took the seal out from the Pill Scroll Realm, and held it out. "Now, you can take it without worries."

Feng Xiupei looked at the item carefully. It was indeed a seal with a phoenix carved into it. The material was also not commonly found, so it was probably the real thing.

When she thought about how Feng Xiang had described this treasure as something that could even order Spiritual Emperors around, she couldnt help but feel elated. She was about to take the seal from Feng Tianlan but cautiously stopped herself. "Hold the token outside the net."

Feng Tianlan had so many tricks up her sleeve, who knew what she was up to.

Feng Tianlan tried her best to keep a straight face and held the seal outside the Silver Silk Net.

Feng Xiupei noticed that Feng Tianlan was trying not to laugh, and she started becoming wary of her and watched her suspiciously because she couldnt shake off the feeling that Feng Tianlan was up to something. So, even though the seal was nearly in her hands, she didnt dare take it from her.

"Drop the seal onto the floor." Feng Xiupei was cautious, but she wasnt stupid.

Feng Tianlan obediently threw the seal to the floor, but her strange suppressed smile made Feng Xiupeis hair stand on end. Then again, Feng Tianlan was trapped inside the Silver Silk Net and shouldnt be able to try anything funny, so Feng Xiupei slowly squatted down to pick up the seal.

Seizing this chance, Feng Tianlan grabbed the loose end of the net and kept pulling the net until it became one long string. Then, she raised her hand and flung the net away.

Feng Xiupei was about to pick up the seal when she heard the sound of the net cutting through the air, making her quickly dodge to one side. When she had steadied herself, she realized the seal was no longer on the ground. When she looked up, Feng Tianlan was holding onto the Silver Silk Net and throwing it toward her.

"Impossible!" screamed Feng Xiupei, managing to dodge the net as it cut through the air like a knife of wind.

The Silver Silk Net was a Spiritual Weapon, and the knot could not be loosened unless she was the one who loosened it.

Feng Tianlan shouted, and the Silver Silk Net in her hands became like a light drizzle, coming down like a million raindrops toward Feng Xiupei. In her previous life, Feng Tianlan didnt just study all sorts of techniques, but also weapons. To her, this Silver Silk Net was merely a toy.




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