The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Si Mobai Is Here

When she saw Feng Tianlan comfortably playing with the Silver Silk Net, her face grew stern, but she still didnt think Feng Tianlan was any match for her. So, she kept a serious look as she lightly leaped into the air and dodged the Silver Silk Net attack.

"Ice Knife Chop!"

Feng Xiupei shouted in a low voice and raised her hand. Immediately, a seven-foot blade made from ice appeared, spewing cold air. It looked like it could slice through anything, and she smashed it down toward Feng Tianlans head.

Feng Tianlan watched the attack with slight alarm, and she quickly fused her Fire Element into the Silver Silk Net and threw the net, which had turned a fiery red, around the huge ice knife. Immediately, a burst of rainbow-colored flashes shot through the night sky like meteor shower. The flashes shone brightly and mysteriously.

"Ice Arrow Rain!"

Just as Feng Xiupeis voice called out, the long ice knife turned into multiple icy swords. They poured down like heavy rain on Feng Tianlan.

"Water Curtain!"

Before the Ice Arrow Rain could land on her, tiny little sharp knives made from water emerged from all directions to block the rain.

Feng Tianlan wasnt able to attack, so she could only try to defend herself against Feng Xiupeis offensive flurry. She looked on coldly as she waved the fiery Silver Silk Net. She gently leaped into the air, dodging her own little water knives despite being cut by them. She tried her best to attack Feng Xiupei.

Within moments, the sky lit up with bright colors. The air was freezing and murderous.


There was a scream from Feng Xiupei, followed by a gathering of her Spiritual force, which then powerfully rolled toward Feng Tianlan like a huge bomb.

Feng Tianlan panted heavily when she looked up and saw the huge ball of Spiritual force, which threatened to destroy everything in its path, heading for her. She clenched her teeth, stood up, and put out her hands to break up the combined force. Even though an Advanced-stage Spiritualist was no match for an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master, she still had to give it a shot!

Though Feng Xiupei had sent out the huge ball of Spiritual force, in the glare of its bright white light, she couldnt see what was in front of her. All she could feel was a sudden, tremendous amount of Spiritual force hit back at her, hard. The Spiritual force pushed her back at high speed, followed by a loud bang. She broke a tree, and the wood splintered into her side, causing her much pain.

Her face, which was once as beautiful as a peony, was now filled with many tiny little cuts. She looked terrifying.


Feng Tianlan was hit smack in the chest, and she vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. She was flung backward into the air. She flew over the edge of the cliff, and she could feel herself falling. But, this time, she had no more strength to find a way to steady herself. She had no choice but to let herself freefall into the ravine.

When she looked up, a white figure came into her field of vision. His thick hair flew in the wind, and he had the cold face of a celestial being who had descended from heaven. He was colder than an iceberg, but his hands reached out to catch her, as if he were about to save her from the depths of hell.

Feng Tianlan looked at him and couldnt help but utter his name, "Si Mobai."

It was him!

Was she seeing things because she was about to meet her death?

But he was merely a stranger to herwhy would she dream of him now?

He wrapped an arm around her waist, and she felt his hair on her face. His unique, cold minty smell hitt her nose. He was protecting her once again, just like the two times he had rescued her before. It was so familiar and gave her a strange sense of security.

"Im here." Si Mobai used one hand to hold her waist and another to support her head. He pulled her into his arms, protecting her on all sides. He did not allow the wind to touch even one inch of her body.

It was a voice as thick as fine-aged wineit made listeners go numb!

That broad and warm chest, a voice that made her go numb, that cold minty smell

It was him!

It was really him!



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