The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 132

Chapter 132 He Was Explaining And Making Promises

What Si Mobai didnt realize was that she wasnt the only young, shy one. His face was also just as red and bashful.

Whether Feng Tianlan slowly closed her eyes because his minty smell made her feel secure, or her injuries were too severe, she wasnt sure. But her hands continued to hang onto the corner of his sleeve, not letting go.

Si Mobai found a small cave and put his outer garment on the ground for her to lie on. He fed her a Grade 3 Quick Healing Pill, which he took out from his storage space. Then, he wet a handkerchief with water from the Spiritual Spring in his storage space and gently wiped the bloodstains from her face and all the bloodied wounds on her body.

As he lightly wiped her neck, any wounded area touched by the Spiritual Spring water immediately healed. Her perfect, fair skin was revealed, and he started to feel a fire in his body and thirst in his mouth. He suddenly had an urge to taste this rare delicacy in front of him.

Si Mobai narrowed his eyes and suppressed the fire inside him and concentrated on properly wiping the Feng Tianlans other wounds. But the more he wiped, the more enflamed he became. It wasnt the fire of desire anymore, but the fire of pure fury.

There were countless wounds all over her body, big and small, new and old. Si Mobais cold, almond-shaped eyes became murderous and frosty. His gaze chilled to the bone.

How dare they hurt her like this!

He had an urge to destroy Feng Xiupei immediately. But, after thinking about the enemies that they were to face in the future and how powerful they were, he suppressed the murderous intent in his heart. He had to leave these current enemies for her to use for her training. Emotions must not easily sway him.

He took out a second outer garment from the storage space and covered her with it. Gently, he touched the scary scar on Feng Tianlans face. His eyes blazed with rage again. Whoever inflicted such harm on her would get it back a hundred timesfrom him!

He wanted her to mature on her own, but he couldnt resist wanting to protect her. Even back when he had only seen her once, hed already had the urge to protect her for the rest of his life. He could not bear to see her sad or hurt, and he wished he was the one injured instead of her.

Feng Tianlan opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was that enchantingly handsome face, which belonged to Si Mobai. The fiery blood-red dot between his eyebrows was as mesmerizing as ever.

"Youre awake?" Si Mobai was immediately filled with regret after saying this. His tone was way too cold, so he felt he had to explain himself: "Im used to it."

He was used to being cold to people, so he hoped she wouldnt mind.

Feng Tianlan blinked and looked at him in confusion. She didnt get what he was talking about. Used to what?

"I will change," Si Mobai tried to speak in a gentler voice. Because hed never been like this before, his voice was still stiff.

Feng Tianlan now understood what he meant. He was trying to explain himself and even making promises. But whatever for? They were just strangers.

"Why are you here?" Feng Tianlan decided to ignore the weird feeling in her heart and asked him this question coldly. Didnt he go to some faraway place? Why had he suddenly appeared here?

Si Mobai felt Feng Tianlan distancing herself from him. He started to frown while pretending not to be bothered. "I happened to pass by."

When he had returned, his subordinates had reported that Feng Tianlans servant girl had gone missing. Hed immediately thought that someone was trying to threaten her. Hed used all his resources to find her and had just happened to witness her falling over the cliffs edge. He hadnt had time to think, so hed sent a Palm Wind toward Feng Xiupei then jumped off the cliff.

"Thank you," Feng Tianlan thanked him as formally and sincerely as she could. She didnt believe that he just happened to be passing by.




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