The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Call Me Mobai

When he heard how formally she thanked him, Si Mobai frowned unhappily and looked back up at her calmly. "Youre welcome."

Feng Tianlan looked up to meet those calm, almond-shaped eyes. For a moment, she suddenly thought that they looked sad and upset. I must have gone mad, she told herself.

He was not used to socializing, and she purposely kept her distance. So, the two of them just sat inside the cave together in silence. Even though they did not say anything, there was still a romantic feeling in the air, especially since she was still wearing his outer garment.

"What are your plans?" Si Mobai broke the silence. His voice was still cold, but if you listened carefully, you could tell that he was trying to sound gentler.

Feng Tianlan looked at the seal and the Silver Silk Net by her side then back at her wounds. She was feeling much better now, but she still needed some time to recuperate fully. Now was definitely not the best time to launch a counterattack.

"Im just wondering if I died" Before she could finish her sentence, she felt someone staring at her. It was if he were staring daggers, and it made her feel uncomfortable. She looked up uneasily at Si Mobai and continued, "what would they do?"

"Dont ever say anything like that again," Si Mobai commanded. If anybody were to die, it would be them, not her.

Feng Tianlan pursed her lips. She was only raising a hypothetical question; he didnt have to look at her like that.

"Not even hypothetically."

Feng Tianlan looked at him quizzically. Could he read minds? She hadnt spoken her thoughts out loud, but he knew what she was thinking.


"Mobai," Si Mobai interrupted her immediately then continued in a commanding voice, "Call me Mobai."

When Feng Tianlans eyes met his pretty almond-shaped eyes, the red dot between his eyebrows blazed. Feng Tianlan suddenly felt her face redden and her heart race, so she looked back down and started playing with the half heart-shaped ring on her left finger.

"You said that this is a token of marriage. But then, the emperor also returned a token of marriage. So, whats going on?"

His almond-shaped eyes were intoxicating yet enchanting. One look was enough to hypnotize a person and make them feel like they never wanted to leave.

"A mistake in the engagement," Si Mobai explained very simply.

Feng Tianlan was stunned and looked confusedly at Si Mobai. These few words seemed to carry a deeper meaning.

Si Mobai also looked straight at her, and his cold, almond eyes started to encompass some gentleness. Even the red dot in between his eyebrows exuded kindness.

Feng Tianlan quickly averted her eyes. Somehow, looking straight at him made her feel like his beauty was conquering her.

The air was filled with an amorous tension once again.

Feng Tianlan suddenly felt a black shadow pressing on her. When she looked up, her entire body had been lifted, and shed landed in Si Mobais arms. His cool, minty smell filled her nostrils.

"Wargod!" Feng Tianlan yelped. "I can walk by myself." He didnt need to carry her like this.

"Ive said it before. Call me Mobai," Si Mobai corrected her unhappily in a low voice. He had corrected her more than once already, but she still refused to change her form of address.

"Were not that close." His insistence also vexed Feng Tianlan. The number of times that they had met and talked could be counted on one hand. There was really no need to be so friendly with one another.

"What was that?" Si Mobais eyes turned cold, and even his red dot became frosty.

"Were not that close, so I dont see why I should call yoummm"

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt something soft on her lips. His handsome face came very close to her, with that red dot charming and enticing her.

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