The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 134

Chapter 134 We Can Settle This Between The Sheets Close Enough For You?

Si Mobai had just wanted to stop her little mouth from saying that they werent close. But, once his lips touched hers, her fragrance suddenly threw his mind into a frenzy, and he couldnt help but want more. He wanted to go deeper.

Feng Tianlan was stunned for a moment but quickly snapped out of it. She was being taken advantage of!

She angrily bit down on him, and both of them could taste blood in their mouths.

He moved his lips away, and she slapped him very hard on the face. Five finger-shaped marks appeared on his fair, handsome face, which swelled up slightly.

"You lech!" Feng Tianlans face was red and angry. She was ready to spew fire at Si Mobai as she glared at him. But then, when she saw how dazed he looked, some anger dissipated. She thought, What even is this? He is the one who kissed me, but he looks more dazed.

"Remember, youre my fiance." Si Mobai licked the blood on his lips. He held tightly onto Feng Tianlan and walked out of the cave with giant strides.

Feng Tianlan wanted to struggle, but Si Mobai used his Spiritual force to keep her from moving. She had no choice but to stay this way. This man was really domineering!

Si Mobai was very angry, so he had a grim expression on his face. He exuded a terrifying aura that frightened everybody away, like a living demon.

He didnt want to say anything because he was afraid that, if she kept rejecting him and saying that they werent close, he would lose control and beat her up.

"Call me Mobai from now on. If you dont change the way you address me, or if you say were not close again" Si Mobai looked down at his Feng Tianlan, who was staring back angrily at him. He suppressed a smile as he threatened her, "Then, Im going to kiss you until you change the way you call my name and we become very close."

"You" Feng Tianlans eyes opened wide from anger. Who on earth was this domineering man?

"Alternatively, we can settle this between the sheets. Close enough for you?"

Feng Tianlan was so furious that she felt like her head was going to burst. He wasnt a legendary, terrifying misogynist after all. This man was just a lech.

When Si Mobai saw how angry Feng Tianlan had become, he couldnt help but smile a little. He had only seen her a few times, but he knew that it was hard to anger her. She did not express joy openly, either. But now, he had seen her shy and vexed. Hed found that she was a young lady, after allyoung, energetic, lively, and adorable.

Now she seemed more like a normal human being, not so cold or distant.

The sky was dimly lit, and there was a whitish fog slowly gathering in the air as if they were in a magical world. But the voices of those standing below destroyed this vision.

Si Mobai held onto Feng Tianlan as he lightly leaped into the air. Hearing voices, he softly landed in a tree large enough to hide them both.

Under the tree, Feng Xiupei used a silk veil to cover her face. She scanned the area as she coldly gave instructions, "She is very seriously injured. She fell off the cliff. If shes not dead, shes barely able to walk. She cant have run far. I dont care how you do it, but youd better find her. If she tries to fight back, dont kill her. I still have use for her."

Feng Xiupei wanted to make Feng Tianlans life a living hell! How dare she cut so many lines in her face and disfigure her! This time, she was going to destroy Feng Tianlans face!

When he heard what Feng Xiupei had said, Si Mobais face turned cold, and a murderous look blazed in his almond eyes again. This was the person who injured Laner so badly! When he thought about it, the lethal look in his eyes intensified.

Even though he wanted her to mature by herself, when he saw how badly bullied she was, he just wanted to kill all these people!




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