The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 135

Chapter 135 His Highness Brings Her Highness Back To His Residence

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Feng Tianlan could feel Si Mobais murderous vibes. She was afraid that he might suddenly rush down and kill everyone under the tree, so she tugged on his sleeve and shook her head violently. She was going to settle these people and these matters by herselfthese were experiences that she had to go through.

If she couldnt even manage these people, how was she going to travel to the Xuantian Continent and get her revenge?

Si Mobai looked down at how endearing she looked as she tugged on his sleeve, and his mood immediately improved. Because of her actions, he suppressed the murderous look in his eyes and decided to listen to her this once!

But then

He wasnt going to forget what these people had done!

Si Mobai carried Feng Tianlan, and they left the forest, heading back to Wargod Manor.

By the time they reached the manors doorstep, it was already mid-morning, and many people were walking on the streets. Si Mobai looked at the small face in his arms. Feng Tianlan was fast asleep. He couldnt help but curl his lips into a smile slowly as he carried her into Wargod Manor.


The people on the streets were shocked to see Si Mobai holding onto a woman and walking into Wargod Manor. They all quickly stopped and gathered in front of the manors well-secured gate. Their eyes were wide as if they saw the most unbelievable thing theyd ever seen in their lives.

"I think I saw Lord Wargod!"

"That WAS Lord Wargod, and it looked like he carried a woman in."

"Are you sure that was a woman? What if" What if it was a man?

"It was definitely a woman. He was carrying her with both arms. What a loving sight, right?"

"Has the Wargod finally been enlightened? Somehow, I feel that the woman hes carrying must be the most fortunate in the world."

"Did anybody see exactly who the girl was? Is she some rich mans daughter from the capital city? I think I see some hope."


This move from Si Mobai immediately created an uproar among the people. Everyone was trying to guess who the mystery woman was.

The moment he walked through the gate, all the guards stopped what they were doing. Their jaws dropped when they saw Si Mobai with an expression rarer than the sun rising from the west.

Si Mobai shot them a cold stare, and they quickly went back to whatever they were doing. They tried to pretend like nothing had happened. If His Highness decided to punish them, the consequences were terrifying.

"Go buy some clothes for Her Highness and" Si Mobai realized everyone had very eager faces, so he continued calmly, "Dont let any of the men touch the clothes. Find a female guard to serve Her Highness."

"Yes, sir!" All of them replied answered solemnly with their heads bowed, trying to hide the joy in their hearts.

The guards were ready to light firecrackers to celebrate for Si Mobai, but they couldnt show any of this on their faces and had to suppress their excitement.

"Keep the noise down. Dont wake Her Highness," Si Mobai could see through the guards hearts immediately, and he carried the sleeping Feng Tianlan into the main house.

This was her first time in his residence, and he wanted her to know that he was a gentleman and not as scary as the rumors made him out to be. He was determined to make a good impression.

The moment Si Mobai left, everyone started cheering.

"His Highness has found his queen!"

"This Manor wont be a monastery anymore!"

"Soon therell be ladies in the Manor!"

"Enough already. Go get some clothes and essentials that women use."

"Buy more stuff! Lets see who wins the heart of the first female guard in this residence!"


They wouldnt have to die old and single! They were beginning to worry that they would have to settle for each other soon.

They were extremely excited. Her Highness was their lucky star, so they were all determined to win her favor!

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