The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 136

Chapter 136 You Look So Pretty When Your Face Is All Red

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Feng Tianlan was already awake when they entered Wargod Manor. But since Si Mobai was still carrying her, she didnt know how she should act and decided to continue pretending to be asleep. After he put her down, she slowly opened her eyes and saw that the room was very minimalistic. The air around her was icy.

"Where am I?" Since shed pretended to be asleep earlier, she had to continue this act.

"Wargod Manor." Si Mobai knew she was pretending but didnt expose her. He just looked at her with a wistful smile.

Somehow, as long as she was by his side, even if she werent doing anything, he felt happiness deep within his heart.

Feng Tianlan just said, "ohhh." When she thought about how he had referred to her as Her Highness, her face went red. She felt like she had been promoted to the mistress of Wargod Manor. It was a strange feeling, indeed.

"You can rest here. If you need anything, just tell the servants. I have to go out and settle some matters," said Si Mobai as he looked down at Feng Tianlan. Then, he decided to explain what he was going to do. "Since they dont want you dead, Im going to see what theyll do without you around."

She was now his. If she were bullied, he was going to bully them back. Of course, he was only going to teach them a small lesson. Hed leave their final punishment to her as training.

"Fake my death?" Feng Tianlan muttered. She had only raised a hypothetical question earlier, but hed understood what she had really meant to say.

Si Mobai nodded and said, "Ill settle this. You just rest."

Feng Tianlan felt her face redden. "Erm, could you tell Yunzhu and Chuling that Im fine? I dont want them to worry."

Si Mobais almond-shaped eyes looked at Feng Tianlans small, red face. She looked beautiful and adorable at the same timebut why was her face so red?

Feng Tianlan had turned even redder from his staring, and she glared back at him. Her face was red because everything he said sounded as if he were a husband explaining to his wife what he was going to do. He had said it all so naturally, and this had just made her face turn redder.

"You look so pretty when your face is all red." Si Mobai saw how shy she was and couldnt help but smile a little.

Feng Tianlan froze for a while when he said that. His words were heartfelt, not exaggerated, or hypocritical. Those were words from his heart.

But there was such a huge, ugly scar on her face, so how could she be pretty? Then again, he had said this so genuinely that it was impossible to doubt him.

"I dont mind. Im not the superficial sort." Si Mobai could see through her thoughts, and he looked at the scar with pain in his heart. The scar was so deep; the cut must have hurt her so badly.

Feng Tianlans small little face became even redder when he said that. "Quickly go. Otherwise, Yunzhu is going to turn the world upside down."

"Sure," replied Si Mobai. He had a little smile and even a twinkle in his eye. For a few moments, the red dot between his eyebrows seemed to exude happiness.

Feng Tianlan felt his smile capture her soul, but she was afraid that he was merely a pretty face.

Feng Xiupeis last move had injured her very severely. She was only feeling so much better because Si Mobai had given her Grade 3 and 4 Quick Healing Pills. But the injury was severe, and she still had to rest for several days.

In the evening, Feng Xiupeis men finally found a completely disfigured and shattered corpse at the bottom of the cliff. From the clothes, they identified the body as Feng Tianlan. After a further search of the area, they also found a seal made from an extraordinary material. They confirmed that this corpse must be Feng Tianlan.

Feng Xiupei kicked the corpse hard. Her eyes were full of hatred as she said, "Tsk, youve died too easily. Men! Bring her back to feed to the dogs!"

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