The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Let Off Way Too Lightly

All the lights were on in Feng Manor, making it as bright as day. There was a corpse on the floor in the study. Feng Xiang and his family stood to one side, looking at the shattered body.

"So, this is Feng Tianlans body?" Feng Xiupei walked over to the corpse and kicked it a few times to vent her anger. She hadnt had a single day of peace since her beating in public with the paddle. Now, Feng Tianlan had died, just like that. Feng Xiupei felt that shed been let off way too lightly.

"Is it really her?" Feng Xiang looked at the corpse and was a little surprised. Feng Tianlan seemed like such a hardy person who wouldnt die so easily.

"Peier, the face is completely disfigured. Are you able to confirm its her?" Xu Jiayi was also suspicious. Somehow, she also didnt think Feng Tianlan could die this easily.

"She always liked wearing white, and the hairstyle matches, too. As for the face" Feng Xiupei described in detail her battle with Feng Tianlan. She figured that Feng Tianlans face had become so disfigured because shed been badly cut by the Silver Silk Net. The wounds were very small and matched the net.

Furthermore, she was sure that, as an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master, it wasnt difficult to kill a Spiritualist. Plus, shed fallen down such a deep ravine that she couldnt have survived.

But then, she also thought of how Feng Tianlan had managed to attack her with such force just before she died. She immediately frowned. Given Feng Tianlans potential, if she hadnt gotten rid of her, Feng Tianlan would have certainly caught up with her and become a threat.

But her potential wasnt important anymore. Now, she was just a corpse.

After hearing her description, Feng Xiang nodded, satisfied with the answer. He asked, "As long as its her, then its good. Did you manage to find the treasure, then?"

Under such conditions, he definitely believed that Feng Tianlan should have died.

"Father, take a look at this. See if it is the treasure," Feng Xiupei held up the seal for Feng Xiang to inspect.

Feng Xiuyu angrily kicked the corpse then ran over to Feng Xiang with her eyes opened wide.

"You mean this is the treasure? It doesnt look like anything special."

The word treasure was an over-exaggeration, right? This was just a normal seal.

Feng Xiang turned the seal over and saw a phoenix intricately carved into it. He remembered, a long time ago, when he had secretly watched from a corner as his late wife had held this item. Shed said that it could command Spiritual Emperors and more.

"Feng Clan Seal?" Feng Xiang saw the word Feng carved into it, and his eyes turned cold.

He had never had this seal in his possession, which had created problems when hed become the head of the family. There were some guards whod refused to obey or pledge allegiance to him without proof of this seal.

"Father, what treasure is this?" Feng Xiuyu asked curiously. She couldnt see why this thing was special or understand why her father insisted it was a treasure.

"My dear?" Xu Jiayi was also unable to contain her curiosity.

Feng Xiang turned the seal over in his hands several times before finally responding, "This seal identifies its owner as the head of the Feng clan. It can also command Spiritual Emperors. As for its other powers, Im not sure. Ill have to take some time to find out slowly."

He had looked high and low for the Feng Clan Seal for years. Now, he finally knew that it had been sent out of the family as a marriage token. That woman had been wary of him even on her deathbed. He suddenly had an urge to dig her body up and whip it hard.

If hed had this seal back then, he wouldnt have had to keep Feng Tianlan alive until now. Nor would he have had to stay in South Winds Nation. He could have overthrown the emperor long ago, and not have to constantly be forced to go along with everything the emperor said.

Xu Jiayi was relieved when she saw how certain he was that this was the treasure that they were after. She said, "Since youve got the treasure now, you dont have to take a concubine, right?"




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