The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Never Let Her Rest In Peace

Feng Xiang used his thumb to rub the seal and didnt even look up as he said, "Ive already announced that I will take a concubine during my birthday celebration. If I dont take one, do you realize that Ill be very embarrassed?"

He had already spread the news that he would be taking a concubine, and the wedding celebration would be on his birthday. He intended to make sure Xu Jiayi could not prevent him from taking a concubine after getting their hands on the Feng family treasure.

With this treasure, even if Xu Jiayi hadnt come from a humble background, he wouldnt need to be too wary of her family. But they were husband and wife, after all, and she was still useful to him. He didnt want things to turn too ugly between them.

"But my dear" Xu Jiayis expression changed as she wanted to say something, but Feng Xiupei tugged at her sleeve and shook her head to tell her not to say anymore.

Since theyd mentioned taking a concubine, Feng Xiuyu was overjoyed and asked, "So I dont have to accept a concubines dowry anymore, right?"

She could now be carried in the main wedding sedan and marry Big Brother Rong with great fanfare. Finally, she could become his official wife.

"Of course," Feng Xiang replied. He was still staring at the seal in his hands, and his heart very excited. He was about to rise above the emperor, so a prince was nothing to him. In fact, once he rose to power, Yuer could even find a better man.

"Now that Feng Tianlan has died suddenly, we have to account for her death to the public. Wed better quickly spread the word before her slave girl does. Tell them that Feng Tianlan was captured and raped multiple times by robbers. In the end, she decided to jump off the cliff because she couldnt face the world after being humiliated."

Feng Xiupei calmly recited this story. She had already thought of it when shed found the corpse.

Feng Tianlans death was insufficient to get rid of the hatred in Feng Xiupeis heart.

Even in death, Feng Xiupei wanted Feng Tianlan to be called names, to be ridiculed and laughed at. Then, she would have died a worthless death and could never rest in peace. Only then would Feng Xiupei feel that her hatred had been satisfied.

Feng Xiuyu looked at the corpse on the floor, and her eyes filled with evil. "Do you know any necrophiliacs? If so, you should send over this slut. If you say that she was raped, then her body should show some signs."

When she thought about how shed nearly become Big Brother Rongs concubine, she hated Feng Tianlan to the bone.

"Thats not necessary. Ill just feed her body to the dogs. Any bones leftover can be burned and thrown out with the feces," Feng Xiupei replied in a gentle voice despite her vile words.

Feng Xiang looked up worriedly at Feng Xiupeis face, which was still covered with a veil. "Peier, your face"

If this face were disfigured, then the Xuantian Continents future emperor wouldnt care for her.

"No worries, Ill use a Beautifying Pill. In due time, there wont be any scars." Feng Xiupei gently rubbed her face as an angry glint flashed in her eyes. If Feng Tianlan hadnt died, she would have made sure that she paid her back a thousand times for the injury to her appearance.

"Then, thats good." The most important thing to a woman was her face, which could not afford even the slightest imperfection.

The few of them discussed a few things before going back to their rooms. Feng Xiang remained in the study to carefully examine his new treasure.

Feng Xiupei returned to her room and sat down in front of the bronze mirror as she slowly removed the veil. The immense number of tiny bloodied red lines on her face made her look like there was an enormous red spiderweb on her face. She looked terrifying.

"Feng Tianlan!" Feng Xiupei clenched her teeth in hate. "Youre lucky you died so quickly. Otherwise"

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been satisfied even if shed cut Feng Tianlan ten thousand times!

Feng Xiupei took out a Beautifying Pill and crushed it into powder before mixing it with her moisturizing cream and applying it all over her face. As long as she did this for three days and didnt leave the house, her face would regain its original beauty.

As she was applying the cream to her face, she didnt notice the white figure sitting on her roof. It emanated a murderous, cold air and stared icily at the crescent moon in the night sky.




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