The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 139

Chapter 139 You Are Not To Fear Me From Now On

The crescent moon hid behind the dark clouds in the night sky. All was quiet in the Feng Manor, except for the sound of steady breathing as Feng Xiupei lay in bed fast asleep, completely unaware that the door had opened. A long shadow hid its murderous aura and slowly walked into the room.

Si Mobai was wearing a silver mask. He stood in front of her bed and saw that Feng Xiupeis face had already healed halfway. A murderous glint flashed in his almond-shaped eyes.

Hed heard every single thing theyd said in the study earlier and was shocked by the extent of their cruelty. He couldnt imagine what humiliations Feng Tianlans corpse would have suffered if that had really been her body.

These people werent fit to be called human!

Si Mobai took one of his long fingers, dabbed on some fine white medicinal powder, then sprinkled it all over Feng Xiupeis face. Very quickly, the tiny bloodied lines on her face disappeared, restoring her original snow-white complexion. It was suddenly as if her red spiderweb face earlier had been nothing but an illusion.

Then, Si Mobai left and closed the door behind him. His appearance was just a dream.

Feng Xiupei, since you dared to destroy my Laner, you shall face the consequences, thought Si Mobai. Enjoy the side effects of my beauty treatment!

The next day, Feng Tianlan had just woken up when Si Mobai opened the door with toiletries in one hand and breakfast in the other. She was so stunned to see this the legendary Wargod was serving her?

It was as if the sun had risen from the west.

"Time to eat medicine." Si Mobai took out a Quick Healing Pill and held it out.

"Grade 3 Quick Healing Pill." Feng Tianlan was quite shocked because shed never heard of Grade 3 pills in the Guiyuan Continent before. But he had given her one yesterday, and now he had another one. Since he gave them to her so easily, they were obviously not worth very much to him.

When she thought about this, Feng Tianlan looked up at Si Mobai and thought, does he also come from the Xuantian Continent?

"Eat this and youll get well faster." Si Mobai saw that she didnt take the pill from him and thought that maybe she was acting cordially toward him again. He might have to force it down her throat.

Feng Tianlan took the pill from him and ate it while nodding slightly. "Thank you."

"Hmm?" Si Mobai raised an unhappy eyebrow at her. "Youre still so formal with me?"

"Im well-mannered." In her opinion, they were not close at all!

"It looks like youve forgotten what I said yesterday," Si Mobai said as he was about to press her down. Feng Tianlan quickly rolled herself into the blanket in fright and said, red-faced, "I remember, I remember."

"If youre still so cordial with me and you think were not close, then we can settle this here and nowin bed." Si Mobai stood up straight again. He couldnt help but grin when he saw how she was like a frightened little bird, curled up in a corner with the blanket wrapped around her.

So, there were times when she felt fear, too!

Butwas she afraid of him?

When he thought about it like that, the smile slowly faded from his face. It was as if a layer of frost covered his face. Even the red dot between his eyebrows seemed to have frozen over.

Feng Tianlan looked on helplessly as she saw Si Mobais expression immediately change as if she had done something wrong.

"You are not to fear me from now on," ordered Si Mobai. She was clearly afraid of him. But he wasnt as scary as the legends claimed, so he didnt understand what she was frightened of.

"Im not scared of you," said Feng Tianlan as her face reddened again. What she feared was that he would try to kiss her again. All this talk about her being his fiance had not been up to her. He was the one whod forcibly put the ring on her. Shed never agreed to any of this.




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