The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Why Isnt She Moved At All?

When he heard her say this, all the coldness disappeared from Si Mobais face. It was as if winter had turned to spring. "Thats good, then."

Feng Tianlan felt like this man was nothing like the Wargod of the legends, who was supposed to be cold, cruel, and icier than an iceberg. Instead, he had mood swings as extreme as the weather in Junefair and sunny in one moment, then dark and cloudy the next.

After eating, the two of them sat in the courtyard. Feng Tianlan looked around and found nothing but pine trees. The faint smell of pinecones was in the air.

"So, whats going on outside now?" Feng Tianlan asked. She had been seriously injured the day before. While her external injuries were more or less healed, the internal injuries were very severe and still needed more time to heal completely.

When she mentioned this, Si Mobais eyes turned cold, and the crippling murderous aura around him returned. "Feng Manor has announced your death. You jumped off a cliff to kill yourself after being captured by robbers."

"I suppose what they really said was that I was captured by robbers, raped multiple times, and then I killed myself by jumping off the cliff," guessed Feng Tianlan. That story was very typical of Feng Xiupei and the rest of the family.

Si Mobai didnt respond. His face remained dark, and he retained his murderous aura. She had guessed every detail right, which only showed how she was so used to this treatment. This was all the more reason why the Feng Xiang and family deserved death.

"What are you going to do next?" Si Mobais words were as cold as knives made from ice. He had an urge to bring her back to the house and destroy Feng Xiang and his supporters. But when he thought about the strong enemies that they would face in the future, he had to resist this urge.

Feng Tianlan noticed that Si Mobais face had changed again. She looked at him and frowned while asking, "What did you do yesterday?"

"I found a corpse to pretend to be you and made a replica of the seal." Then, along the way, hed also put some medicine on Feng Xiupeis face. But since hed done it in the dead of night, he didnt want to tell her in case she misunderstood him.

Feng Tianlan was shocked that hed been able to find a similar body and replicate the seal in such a short time. This man had a tremendous amount of influence and manpowerhe was not as simple as he looked!

Why did it matter, anyway? He wouldnt hurt her.

"As a daughter, I should give my father a huge present on his fiftieth birthday."

Since they thought she was dead, she wouldnt appear for the time being. She wanted to see what else they would do.

"What about Yunzhu and Chuling?" Feng Tianlan asked again. If she was going to continue to fake her death, she was most concerned about these two. Unless they knew that she was still alive, they might get into trouble for her sake.

"By the time I reached the Luo Residence, Luo Yunzhu had already gone to the ravine to look for you, but she couldnt find you. The two of them then immediately attacked Feng Xiupei to avenge you, but Feng Xiupei injured them. Now, theyve taken Quick Healing Pills and are fine. Dont worry."

After Chuling was released, shed immediately gone to look for Luo Yunzhu. The moment shed heard something had happened to Feng Tianlan, she went back with Chuling in a great fury, only to find Feng Xiupei and the corpse. Theyd immediately tried to seek revenge for Feng Tianlan by killing Feng Xiupei, even though Feng Xiupei was several levels higher than them.

The difference in level was so significant that, even if Feng Xiupei were injured, she could still fight the two of them easily. If Luo Yunzhu hadnt been the Luo heiress and Chuling hadnt been the person who must redeem the Spirit Stabilizing Pill, she wouldnt have let them live.

Feng Tianlan lowered her eyes as she thought about how Yunzhu and Chuling were so good to her. The best people in the world.

Si Mobai saw that Feng Tianlan was touched by what theyd done and wanted to say that she wasnt being fair to him. He had been so good to her, so why wasnt she moved at all?

"Youre an Alchemist." Si Mobai took out a pill furnace from his storage space and set it in front of her. It was about the size of his palm with clouds of fire carved on it. "This is suitable for your use."

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