The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Si Mobai Gives Her A Legendary Artifact

Hed wanted to look for a Spiritual weapon for her, but they were all too lousy. He didnt think any of them were good enough for her, but hed randomly spotted the pill furnace, which hed felt was suitable for her use. Hed guessed that she would like it.

Feng Tianlan looked at the intricate furnace. Even though it was small in size, it was a high-grade pill furnace. As an Alchemist, she took a liking to it immediately.

"Master, thats a Fire Cloud Furnace, a legendary artifact from ancient times. Its the best furnace for making pills. With a Fire Cloud Furnace, the efficiency and quality of your Alchemy will double, and you wont be limited to a maximum of ten pills per batch anymore."

The moment the Fire Cloud Furnace appeared, Azurite squealed with excitement from inside the Pill Scroll Realm. She was ready to accept the furnace on Feng Tianlans behalf because it was a legendary artifact.

Feng Tianlan didnt want to accept this gift. After hearing Azurites description of the furnace, she really didnt want it. "Thanker, noalright, Im taking it."

Feng Tianlan quickly changed her response from Thanks, but I dont need it to accepting the furnace when she saw Si Mobai look at her like he was going to eat her alive. She was afraid that if shed refused, he would have polish her off in bed.

Si Mobai took a few moments to acknowledge her response quietly. He felt that he should give her more things next time and interact more with her so that she could get used to his presence. But, at the same time, he had to maintain his dominance. Otherwise, if he let her get her way, nothing would happen.

"Master, put a drop of blood on the furnace so that you can proceed with an Owners Agreement and it will recognize you as its owner. Then, from now on, this furnace can scale up or down in size, and it can control the fire by itself," Azurite continued to babble on excitedly like gushing spring water.

Feng Tianlan glanced at Si Mobai even if he had given her something normal and not something like a legendary artifact, she would have felt weird about it. She still didnt want to accept this furnace.

Si Mobai read her thoughts immediately and snorted unhappily. Then, he slowly got up.

Feng Tianlan saw him moving and she quickly bit her index finger and dropped blood onto the furnace. The Fire Cloud Furnace turned red immediately and glowed strangely while emitting some heat. Then, the palm-sized furnace suddenly flew up into the air, expanded to a massive size, and smashed a hole in the ground when it landed.

"Master, once you have a thought in your mind, the furnace will listen to you and change its size accordingly." Azurite was extremely excited. Even though she was stuck inside the Pill Scroll Realm, she could smell the Fire Cloud Furnace.

Feng Tianlan looked at the furnace again and thought about how big she wanted it to be. Then, she saw the furnace shrink back to the size of her palm just like how shed pictured it in her mind and it flew back onto her hand. She tried it a few more times, and it did indeed change its size according to her wishes.

Feng Tianlan looked up and was about to thank him. But when she saw Si Mobais calm and cold eyes, she stiffly changed her response: "ErI like it very much."

She felt like if she said, Thank you, hed gobble her up, so shed changed her reply. She didnt enjoy being indebted to anyone. She figured that, in the future, shed find something to give him in return.

As for repaying the favor of saving her life, she decided to deal with that later.

Si Mobai was very satisfied with her answer. "You rest now. Once youre better, Ill bring you to see someone."

"Who?" Was he bringing her to see his parents?

"Youll know when the time comes." Si Mobai saw her panic slightly and guessed what she was thinking. He couldnt help but smile a little. It wasnt really too far off to say she was going to meet some elders!




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