The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Si Mobai Brings Her To See Someone

Feng Tianlan was uneasy for a while, but then calmed down quickly. The only family Si Mobai had was the emperor, and it wasnt like she hadnt seen him before, so there was nothing to fear. So, she focused on getting well and didnt bother asking about what was going on outside.

She stayed for several days in Wargod Manor and realized there were only men inside the residence. Besides her and the female guard, who had arrived on the same day as her, there were no other women.

Since this colossal manor only contained two women, the rumor that he was a misogynist was confirmed!

Once Feng Tianlan was all healed up, Si Mobai took her to visit someone.

"Why did you bring me to Feng Manor?" Feng Tianlan was wrapped up in Si Mobais arms, and they flew quickly through the night. Even though it was nighttime, she was able to see that they had passed Feng Manor and were headed toward the Feng Manor Forbidden Area.

"Were going to meet someone."

Feng Tianlan was confused. They were clearly headed for the Feng Manor Forbidden Area. So, they werent going to visit his elders? Not seeing the emperor?

"Ill bring you to see my elders another time," Si Mobai couldnt resist teasing her when he saw the confused look on her face. After interacting with her for several days, his voice was warmer, even though it was still a little icy.

Feng Tianlan was embarrassed by his teasing and decided not to talk anymore.

Si Mobai gave her a quick summary of how she was related to the person living in this area and a little of this persons history. He set her down when they had reached the place and said, "Ill wait for you here."

Feng Tianlan nodded quietly and then walked solemnly toward the small wooden hut in the distance, which was dimly lit.

In the dim candlelight, a man dressed in grey and holding a broom in his hand was patiently sweeping the falling leaves, which kept falling one after another. He looked like he had seen everything in the world and was a Zen monk waiting to begin his training. He kept stealing glances at Feng Manor, then looking back down, sighing as he swept.

"What are you sighing about?"

A gust of wind blew past and caught a few yellowed leaves. When he looked up, he saw a tall and slim young lady with a familiar face wearing a look of confidence and disdain. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he was too overwhelmed to speak.

After several minutes, his excited and hoarse voice trembled as he said, "Elder Sister."

"Uncle," Feng Tianlan looked at this unkempt man, who still managed to look handsome, even in this state. She explained, "Im Tianlan."

The man with the large beard was her mothers younger brother, her uncle. He was barely thirty years old, and she had seen him once when she was very young. But after her mother had passed away, shed never seen him again.

Because she had been very young, she didnt even remember that she had an uncle until Si Mobai mentioned him. Then, she suddenly remembered that he existed.

Feng Qingling looked at Feng Tianlan. His hand was still trembling as he heard her say those words. He was sad for a moment, then suddenly started crying tears of joy. Then, he quickly turned away from her in fright and said, "Youd better leave quickly. Im not your uncle. Youve got the wrong person."

If Feng Xiang knew that if Laner came here, she would surely die. He had to quickly chase her away, and Feng Xiang must never know that shed come.

Feng Tianlan frowned slightly, not understanding why his attitude had changed so quickly. She took out the Feng Clan Seal and walked over to face him. "Uncle, Im not a good-for-nothing anymore. I can become the head of the Feng family now."

Si Mobai had told her that, to keep her alive, this uncle had destroyed his cinnabar field and publicly announced that Feng Xiang was the Feng Clan Head. Hed been imprisoned in this area for the last ten years and never stepped outside it since.




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