The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 143

Chapter 143 The Seal Has One More Secret

Feng Qingling stared at the Feng Clan Seal and went into a daze for a while, thinking about the last conversation hed had with his older sister.

"Tu Xiang is a heartless man, and the Feng family is merely a stepping stone to him. Unfortunately, Im nearing death, and I cant do anything about him. But Laner is still very young, and she will need you to protect her.

"Laner is too conspicuous now. Give her some Spirit Breaking Potion to stop her from leveling up this is the only way to save her from being killed.

"Dont be in a hurry to avenge me. You and Laner need to hide your real potential first. One day, you can take back the Feng clan.

"When Laner takes the seal back, you dont have to hide anything from her. You can tell her the truth. You must believe her without question. Support her and become her arms and legs.

"Remember, do not take revenge now. You must prevent Laner from advancing in skillyou must!"

Feng Qingling snapped back to reality after Feng Tianlan called his name out several times. He looked back at Feng Tianlan, whose face and aura was remarkably similar to his sisters. His heart was filled with mixed feelings as he thought about his sisters last words.

"Uncle," Feng Tianlan wasnt sure what to do when Feng Qingling started crying. His tears flowed non-stop.

Feng Qingling wiped his tears away and asked, slowly but excitedly, "Youve regained your ability to train?"

"Hmm?" Feng Tianlan was a bit confused but nodded anyway. It was interesting to hear him describe her as someone who had regained her ability to train. She knew that this body could train it just didnt know how to, and that was why shed remained practically useless for so long.

"Thats great, thats great. So long as youve regained your abilities" Feng Qingling continued to wipe his tears in excitement. Hed thought that he would have to wait for a long time, perhaps even his entire lifetime. He hadnt expected to wait a mere ten years.

"Its been hard on you all these years. From now on, I will" Feng Qingling suddenly stopped mid-sentence. He was now useless and couldnt help her. Not even a tiny bit.

Feng Tianlan took out a pill from her Pill Scroll Realm and held it out. "Uncle, are you willing to help me take back the Feng Clan?"

"This is" Feng Qingling looked quizzically at her.

"This is a Restoration Pill." The pill was from Si Mobai, and she hadnt wanted to take it either. But, after considering what hed said about her uncle and how she wasnt able to make this pill by herself at the moment, shed accepted it in the end.

Feng Qingling froze for a moment, then excitedly accepted the Restoration Pill. He started wiping his tears again and was too excited to talk. Laner had grown up just as his sister had described. Now, she was going to take back the Feng Clan.

"Now that Laner is all grown up, there are some things you should know." Feng Qingling wiped away the last of his tears as he looked at Feng Tianlan. Solemnly, he explained what had happened ten years ago.

Feng Tianlans biological mother had been poisoned to death by Feng Xiang. Who knew that the concubine who drew in her eyebrows every single day added a little poison each time? It was slow to take effect, but before she knew it, shed been poisoned over ten years. By the time she realized what was happening, it was too late.

The original owner of Feng Tianlans body had not become a good-for-nothing because thered been nobody to teach her it was because her own mother and uncle had fed her Spirit Breaking Potion so that she wouldnt be killed. So, this body couldnt train after all it was not that it didnt know how.

When she heard these words, Feng Tianlan could feel how tortured her biological mother must have felt, and how much determination she had to have to feed Spirit Breaking Potion to the bodys owner.

And the mastermind behind this entire mess was that ungrateful and heartless man Feng Xiang!

"Uncle, dont worry. Old debts must be repaid." Feng Tianlan clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes, exuding a murderous aura. Feng Xiang was worse than an animal. He was willing to kill his wife and daughter for the sake of power. Calling him an animal was an insult to animals.

Feng Qingling nodded with faith in her. "Theres another secret in this seal, and thats what hes truly after."




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