The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Rejecting Si Mobai

"So, it really is a treasure?" Feng Tianlan looked up. Feng Qingling was the only relative she had left in the world, and she was going to protect him.

"It should be. Back then, we purposely allowed Feng Xiang to hear about the Feng family treasure, but he never knew that the treasure was actually the Feng Clan Seal." Back then, he and his sister had known that Feng Xiang was eavesdropping outside the door. Theyd purposely mentioned this treasure so that he wouldnt kill Laner before getting his hands on it.

Feng Tianlan was filled with respect but also great sadness when she heard this. Such an intelligent woman had ended up blinded by love and died at the hands of the one she loved wasnt that just like her previous life?

Feng Qingling stretched his hand out, and Feng Tianlan passed him the seal. She didnt know where he pressed, but, suddenly, the seal became a plaque, and he took a piece of paper out from it.

"This is" Feng Tianlan never thought that this little palm-sized seal could contain such a secret.

"This is a special technique passed down from the Feng ancestors. Once you have learned it, even without the seal, you will be recognized as the Feng Clan Head. Also" Feng Qingling paused for a moment. "Youll know in due time."

There were some things that he still couldnt say. She had to experience them for herself.

Feng Tianlan unfolded the paper and read the technique manual: "Phoenix in the Sky!"

She couldnt tell what the level of this technique was, but it seemed very familiar to her. It was as if she had practiced it before. The technique also gave her a strange and indescribable feeling, and even high-level techniques could not compare.

"Practice it well, and it will be very useful to you." Once she was out of the Guiyuan Continent, she would know what this technique truly meant.

Feng Tianlan nodded slightly. "I will."

Since he didnt want to explain further, she didnt ask any more questions. She would know when the time came for her to know, anyway. It appeared to be information that would benefit her.

The two of them sat down and chatted for a while, then Feng Tianlan remembered that Si Mobai was still outside waiting for her. She stood up and said to Feng Qingling, "Uncle, you go to bed first. I need to go out for a while."

Feng Tianlan came to where Si Mobai was waiting for her. She saw him in white, standing in the moonlight. When his almond eyes spotted her, he started walking over like a husband who had stayed up to wait for his wife.

When this image came to mind, Feng Tianlans face turned red again. She was thinking too much.

"Done talking?" Si Mobai stood in front of her and saw that her face was all red. So, she turned red the moment she saw him?

Feng Tianlan nodded and said, "I just wanted to tell you that Im going to stay here, then appear with my uncle during Feng Xiangs birthday celebration."

Right now, she was living in Wargod Manor, in his courtyard, in his house, in his bed, even. She felt very weird about it because it was as if she had married him, but she hadnt, so it was better to avoid such situations altogether.

"You dont like staying at Wargod Manor?" Si Mobai was initially in a good mood, but his face changed when she said this.

"Thatwell, the reason doesnt matter. I dont want to think about being in love or getting married or anything like that, because I have more important things to do."

Feng Tianlan looked up to see Si Mobais handsome yet terrifying face. It was as if the devil had come for her, and she instinctively shrank back. She continued to explain while facing this frightful energy, "I dont want to waste your time, I think its better if you find someonemmm"

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a hand around her waist and another behind her head. Then a cold, minty smell drew near as a pair of soft but cold lips pressed against hers




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