The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 145

Chapter 145 The World Is Your Playground And You Can Do Anything You Want

The sudden kiss shocked Feng Tianlan. She could only open her eyes wide when she saw his handsome face right in front of her. His cold, almond eyes closed, but the red dot between his eyebrows was like an enchanting red spider lily, hypnotizing her heart.

His warm breath, minty lips, and possessive stance immediately barged into her mouth. The soft tip of his tongue wound itself aggressively around hers and tasted her. He was ready to gobble her whole.

The numbness on her tongue snapped Feng Tianlan back to reality, and she tried to struggle, but Si Mobai held onto her tightly, and she couldnt move. All she could do was slowly give in to his possessive kiss, slowly going into a daze. She stopped trying to resist, and stiffly stood there while he kissed her.

The autumn wind blew past them, intertwining their hair together in the moonlight like a love predestined long ago.

Si Mobai breathed heavily as he let go of her lips and held her face in his hands gently like she was a precious gem. His almond eyes still longed for more, and his voice was thick with desire as he said, "The world is your playground. Do anything you want. But the only thing you dont get to choose is me."

He never believed in things like love at first sight or love for eternity, but since the first moment he saw her, hed finally felt alive. He felt that he existed for her. The first time he saw her, hed only wanted to tell her one thing: They were to spend three lifetimes together. He had returned, and she had waited too long.

He thought their love from a previous lifetime was too spectacular for words.

"You" Feng Tianlan widened her eyes but didnt know how to respond to such a possessive statement. Besides, he had kissed her for quite a long time, so she was panting slightly, which mildly aroused Si Mobai again.

Si Mobai reached out a hand to touch her swollen lips and couldnt help but lick his own. He still wanted more of the taste hed had earlier!

Feng Tianlan was embarrassed by this teasing action, and her face immediately turned red as she slapped his hand away. This man was a real tyrant, and lecherous too!

Si Mobai saw that she was shy but angry at the same time and wanted to touch her lips again, but she took one step back. He became angry. "Im not a gentle person; neither am I patient."

She always avoided him like he was a wild animal, and it made him angry.

"Neither am I." Feng Tianlan glared back at him. He was a lech taking advantage of her because he was more highly-skilled than she was!

"Ill leave first, but Ill come back to see you tomorrow night," Si Mobai sighed. It was better to go slow. Otherwise, hed frighten her.

Feng Tianlan saw Si Mobai disappear in a flash and angrily walked back toward the small wooden hut. That man was a big bully!

"Laner, you" Feng Qingling looked up and saw Feng Tianlans swollen lips. He coughed while avoiding eye contact in embarrassment and pretended he hadnt seen anything. "Ive cleaned up the room already, so you can go to bed now."

Laner had indeed grown up and found a man she liked. He wondered who this man was and whether he was suitable for Laner.

Feng Tianlan was deeply embarrassed by Feng Qinglings reaction, so she just nodded and ran into the room.

This was her first meeting with her uncle, and he had witnessed her kissing someone so intimately. It was simply too embarrassing.

But then, she thought about that kiss under the moon, and she could still smell Si Mobais cold, minty breath. She could still taste his manliness in her mouth, and it made her heart beat faster.

"What is wrong with me?" Feng Tianlans face was extremely red now. She used the blanket to cover herself tightly, like a shy little girl.




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