The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Feng Tianlan Is A Super Genius

She couldnt stop thinking about that kiss beneath the moon. Meanwhile, Si Mobai was also lying in his bed with his eyes closed. He was thinking about how Feng Tianlan had slept in this very bed, and her smell lingered on the blanket. He could still taste her in his mouth.

He had started missing her already!

Because of that kiss, Feng Tianlan only managed two hours of sleep. She was awoken by low shouts and blowing wind. She put on some clothes and opened the door to find Feng Qingling holding onto a broom. He wielded it fiercely with such great force and speed that it was as if he were holding a sword!

Feng Qingling was fully engrossed in the joy of regaining his potential. He only noticed that Feng Tianlan was standing there once he had completed one full set of sword techniques. He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked lovingly at his precious niece. "Sorry for waking you up. Did you have a good nights sleep?"

"It was alright," Feng Tianlan replied, her face turning red again. Her thoughts had been turned upside down by last nights kiss, and she hadnt slept properly at all.

Feng Qingling couldnt resist laughing at her when he saw that she was obviously in love. He advised her like an elder should: "You must hold back some. Otherwise, he will take you for granted."

"Is your cinnabar field completely healed?" Feng Tianlans face was all red, and she quickly tried to change the topic. What had happened the night before was an accident, just an accident.

Feng Qingling decided not to tease her anymore and replied, "Yes, its all healed. This Restoration Pill is simply amazing I never thought I would be able to train again."

When hed destroyed his cinnabar field, hed been prepared for such a life. It had never crossed his mind that, after just ten years, his niece would bring him hope.

"All the things he gives are good." Feng Tianlan felt like she owed Si Mobai too much he had saved her life three times and given her so many high-grade pills. She didnt know how she would ever repay him.

"He?" Feng Qingling was very curious about this man Feng Tianlan had mentioned. Who was this man? These pills were very expensive and hard to obtain, but he just gave them away. Only a few people could afford to do this, and he couldnt think of anyone who would.

Feng Tianlan felt like he was trying to trap her into marrying Si Mobai. So, with a red face, she quickly said, "Im going to make some pills."

When he saw Feng Tianlan run off in a panic, Feng Qingling chuckled, looked up at the sky, and sighed, "My dear sister, did you see that? Laner is all grown up now."

Feng Tianlan took out the Fire Cloud Furnace and controlled the fire while putting in the necessary ingredients to make Spirit Gathering Pills. She saw that the furnace was able to control the flames strength. It even automatically refined the pills. So as long as the order of the ingredients was correct, this Fire Cloud Furnace was able to make any pill.

After an hour, the furnaces cover flew up, and Feng Tianlan used her Spiritual force to take the pills out. After counting, she found that she had made more than ten Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. It was a legendary artifact after all it would take time to get fully used to it.

For the next few days, besides training in the Pill Scroll Realm, she used the rest of the time to make pills with the Fire Cloud Furnace. She was now able to make up to one hundred Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills in one batch. The only catch was that the higher the grade, the fewer pills per batch.

Feng Qingling was very proud of her ability to train and even prouder that she was an Alchemist. But when he saw that she was making pills like one makes sweets, he suddenly felt that the heavens were unfair for making her such a super genius!

For most other people, the maximum was ten pills per batch, and only one in ten alchemists might be able to achieve this. But Feng Tianlan could make one hundred Grade 8 and 9 pills, and her smallest batch consisted of twenty pills!




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