The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Digging A Hole For Feng Xiupei And Feng Xiuyu

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When other people completed a batch of pills, they usually had to rest for one or two days. But she could make batches every day more than one per day and she didnt even look out of breath.

Her gift was really out of this world. Anyone would die to have such a talent!

Si Mobai came by every night to see her, but he never interrupted her training, rest, or Alchemy. He simply watched her quietly. It was just as hed said: the world was her playground, and she could do anything she wanted.

Feng Tianlan had just finished buying herbs and was about to head to the Forbidden Area when she overheard a servant say, "Quickly, tell Second Miss and Third Miss that the Flying Frost Pavilion has just sent a Restoration Pill."

Restoration Pill?

Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow. Feng Xiupei must have asked for a Restoration Pill for Feng Xiuyu to restore her cinnabar field so that she could train up again.

When she realized this, Feng Tianlan devised a plan. She quietly followed the servant, who held an exquisite brocade box in his hands. His eyes never left it for a moment, and he treated the box with great respect.

Feng Tianlan was wearing her rabbit mask and smiled as she used her fingers to gently hit the servants back with a bit of Spiritual force. The servant felt a bit of cold air rush past him, and his hair stood on end. He shuddered. Suddenly, he felt like peeing. After trying to suppress the urge to pee, he couldnt take it anymore, so he cursed himself, put down the brocade box, and quickly ran off holding his pants.

Feng Tianlan quietly landed on the floor and opened the brocade box. Inside, she found a relatively raw and rough-looking Restoration Pill, but it was sufficient to restore Feng Xiuyus cinnabar field.


Feng Tianlan mockingly curled her lips into a smile and took out some herbs from her Pill Scroll Realm, juiced them, then used the polish on the Restoration Pill. The pill became extremely shiny, but there was no change in smell.

After that, Feng Tianlan put the brocade box back and left with light footsteps. She was going to see if this sister pair could stand up to her test.

"Sis, your moisturizing cream is really great. My skin is so much fairer and softer than before." Feng Xiuyu had been in high spirits since Feng Tianlans death. She felt like everything was going well.

Feng Xiupei calmly acknowledged her and said, "Tell me, next time, if you want something. Dont touch my things without my permission."

The day after Feng Tianlans death, shed woken up to find Feng Xiuyu rummaging through her dresser. She had just opened up the bottle of moisturizing cream and touched it. Feng Xiupei hated other people touching her things.

Feng Xiuyu nodded. "Got it."

By the time Feng Xiuyu arrived, Feng Xiupei already had the Restoration Pill in her hands, so she held out the brocade box and said, "This is a Restoration Pill. Train well once your cinnabar field is restored."

Feng Xiuyu quickly took it from her and opened the box. She looked at the remarkably smooth and shiny Restoration Pill inside then back up at Feng Xiupei with a face full of respect. "Sis, youre really amazing. One look and I can tell this pill is of very high grade. Look how shiny it is."

"That was made by my Master. Of course, its a very high grade." Feng Xiupei was very sure of this because her Master was a great Alchemist.

"Ill go back to my room first and quickly restore my cinnabar field. Then, Ill be a genius again!" Feng Xiuyu could hardly contain her excitement as she stood up and walked out without even looking at Feng Xiupei.

When she saw how eager Feng Xiuyu was, Feng Xiupei snorted disdainfully. Feng Xiuyu didnt know her place at all. As long as she was around, Feng Xiuyu was definitely no genius.

When she heard a snort behind her, Feng Xiuyu turned around to look at her sister in confusion, but her sister smiled at her. Feng Xiuyu felt that perhaps she read too much into that snort after all, her sister wasnt that bad. As long as she didnt ask for too much, Feng Xiupei would give her what she wanted.

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