The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Feng Tianlan Reappears

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After Feng Xiuyu left, Feng Xiupei sat in front of her dresser and touched her face, which was a smooth as white jade. She looked at herself from various angles and said, "Why do I feel like my face is a little itchy?"

After she had applied a mixture of the Beautifying Pill and her moisturizer cream, her skin had become very smooth and beautiful again. However, she kept feeling like there was something under the surface. It was itchy and trying to come out. But no matter how she scrutinized her face, she couldnt find anything.

There was only her smooth skin and nothing else. Maybe it was just psychological, and she was overthinking it.

Feng Tianlan was in the mountains concentrating on her training and teaching Feng Qingling some new techniques. Meanwhile, Feng Xiang and the gang were busy with the upcoming banquet. There were many things for them to celebrate, and this was the happiest time of their life.

Feng Tianlan was dead. On his fiftieth birthday, he was going to take a concubine, have a son, and become the real Feng Clan Head. Feng Xiuyu had restored her cinnabar field and was going to become a First-stage Spiritual Master in a monthhis genius daughter once more.

In any case, for Feng Xiang and his family, everything had been going well since Feng Tianlan had died. Everything was going their way.

Since they were celebrating so many things, in order to further capture the peoples hearts, Feng Xiang invited many important guests to his fiftieth birthday celebration. He even said that he would give one Grade Nine Spirit Gathering Pill to each guest, first come first served, until they ran out.

On this day, the Feng Manor was decorated with plenty of lights and ribbons, and the festivities were in full swing. All the guests held the Grade Nine Spirit Gathering Pills that they had received and congratulated Feng Xiang.

"The Feng Clan Head is such a lucky man. Both of your daughters are geniuses, and Im sure they must have gotten these good genes from you."

"I believe that the Feng Clan Head is about to hit the Spiritual King stage. You will become a strong fighter in our region. When that happens, we will have to refer to you as a Lord."

"Im so envious of the Feng Clan Head. Your elder daughter is a disciple of Flying Frost Pavilion, while your younger daughter is going to marry the prince. Perhaps, in the future"


Feng Xiang was full of smiles, and he was delighted that everybody respected him and tried to gain his favor. In a while, he would bring out the Feng Clan Seal, and he would become the Feng Clan Head for real. Then, he would not need to bow to anybody anymore.

It had been ten years. Even though he was in charge of the Feng family, he had not gotten his hands on the Feng Clan Seal. A large part of the Feng family power had remained beyond his grasp, but now, he would truly control everything that belonged to the Fengs.

Si Rong looked at Feng Xiang. Then, he looked at Feng Xiuyu, who was seated at the table reserved for the ladies. She was laughing and talking with other girls from important families, and her smile bloomed like an untainted white lotus flower. Elegant, pure, and mesmerizing.

"Besides congratulating the Feng Clan Head as well as Yuer for attaining the First-stage Spiritualist level, I would like to announce that I have requested a royal edict from the emperor to decree that Yuer will be my royal wife. I believe the edict will be on its way any day now," said Si Rong as he looked lovingly at Feng Xiuyu, who was looking back at him with a shy face. "Yuer, are you willing to marry me?"

Feng Xiuyu lowered her eyes while facing Si Rong and nodded in response. She had waited for him to say this for so long. At last, she finally heard these words.

Si Rong was so excited that he reached out and hugged Feng Xiuyu. Then, he said amorously, "Yuer, I will not let you down. You will be my wife, my life, and I will marry no one other than you."

"Yuer will also marry no one other than you," Feng Xiuyu coyly replied.

Si Rong looked at her with deep love, then walked over to where Feng Xiang was, faced the guests, and announced, "All along, there has been much debate over whether the Feng Clan Head is truly the head of the clan. Today, I have brought with me the Feng Clan Seal to put a stop to all this."

The moment the seal appeared, the debating started again.

Feng Xiang smiled and stood up as he took the seal. Then, he faced the guests, "In the past, because of Tianlan, I never took out the seal because, if she regained her ability one day and became strong, I could return the family to her"

Before he could finish, a clear voice from the left cut him off. "Does Father really want to return the Feng family to me?"

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