The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Calling Feng Tianlan An Imposter

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Everyone looked toward the source of the voice, only to see Feng Tianlan like a fairy descended from the moon, wearing all white. She walked triumphantly and confidently like a warrior returned victorious war and headed for Feng Xiang.

Si Rong turned and saw the triumphant Feng Tianlan approaching. He pushed Feng Xiuyu aside. The excitement on his face earlier had turned into panic. His brain suddenly went blank, and he couldnt think of anything.

"FengFeng Tianlan!" Feng Xiuyus face was still blushing from shyness. When she saw Feng Tianlan, she immediately paled and stared at her in horror.

Why was Feng Tianlan suddenly here? Hadnt she already died more than a month ago?

No, this couldnt be Feng Tianlan.

It had been more than one month since she had seen Feng Tianlans corpse for herself. Shed sent the remains into the furnace and scattered the ashes into the cesspool to make sure Feng Tianlan couldnt ever reincarnate.

How could someone who had been dead for more than a month reappear now? Was she back to snatch Big brother Rong away?

"Isnt Feng Tianlan dead? Why is she here?"

"Is that Feng Tianlan? The one who was a good-for-nothing for ten years only to suddenly become a genius then was raped and jumped to her death?"

"Didnt Feng Tianlan die more than a month ago? So, is this a human or a ghost?"


"Father, are you serious about returning the Feng family to me?" Feng Tianlan looked up at Feng Xiang with her phoenix eyes. There was no warmth in them at all, only infinite coldness.

Feng Xiang glared hard at Feng Tianlan. She was still alive; how could this be? He could not allow her to live and spoil his plans!

"Men! Beat this imposter to death." After hearing the guests various comments, Feng Xiang momentarily snapped back to reality and decided to kill Feng Tianlan on the spot.

He didnt care whether the Feng Tianlan in front of him was a human or a ghost. He only cared that this person was going to block him from getting that seal and ruin his plans. If she was a spirit, he was going to break it into pieces and make sure she never reincarnated.

Feng Tianlan saw that the Feng family bodyguards were coming for her, and she asked Feng Xiang in a cold voice, "Father, are you going to kill your daughter to obtain power?"

"Tianlan couldnt bear the shame of humiliation and jumped off a cliff over a month ago. How could she have survived that fall? You are an imposter, and killing you will help my daughter rest in peace," Feng Xiang replied coldly, motioning to the guards to catch Feng Tianlan. The most important thing was to beat this Feng Tianlan to death. After all, everyone already knew that she was dead. He could easily say that this thing was only pretending to be her, and nobody would blame him for killing her.

Feng Tianlan cleverly weaved in between the guests, so the guards could not easily make their move. There werent a lot of guests, but each one was very important.

"Whoever catches this imposter will have a high standing in the Feng family," declared Feng Xiang when he realized that not a single guard could take down Feng Tianlan. He started to get anxious. He was ready to hurl insults at these guards, who couldnt even catch a good-for-nothing. They were wasting so much of his precious time.

Feng Xiuyu had snapped out of her earlier shock. Seeing that Feng Tianlan was purposely walking in between the guests, a murderous glint shone in her eyes. "Father, Ill do it."

She didnt care whether this Feng Tianlan was human or ghost. If she were human, she would beat her to death. If she were a ghost, she would break her spirit to pieces.

A green Spiritual force came out from Feng Xiuyus hand, and she aimed it t Feng Tianlan like an invisible knife. She was a First-stage Spiritual Master now, so killing Feng Tianlan was a piece of cake.

But Feng Tianlan merely raised her hand and deflected the green force with an even greater Spiritual force. Feng Xiuyu was caught off guard and went flying. She crash-landed on a dinner table, and the various dishes on it fell all over her.

Everyone was shocked. How was Feng Tianlan able to send First-stage Spiritual Master Feng Xiuyu flying with just one wave of the hand?

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