The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Si Mobai Is Way Too Charming For Words

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Feng Xiuyu was about to stand up when she heard a cold voice that sounded like it came from the depths of hell say, "What a great crowd." The owner of the voice saw that they were about to kill his Laner just as he arrived!

Everyone looked toward the gate in shock and saw a figure slowly appear in front of them in the warm candlelight. They were all stunned by this sight, and even Feng Xiupei forgot to blink. Their eyes were filled with only the man in front of them!

He was wearing a purplish-red robe, and his handsome features were like carved jadehis eyebrows and hair were perfect. His almond-shaped eyes were deep and mesmerizing, yet infinitely cold. A red dot between his eyebrows added to his charm and took a little of the iciness away.

This man was way too charming for words!

But now, his mesmerizing almond eyes looked coldly straight ahead, increasing the tension in the air. It was as if anyone caught in his gaze would disappear immediately.

He walked steadily forward, and every step he took was like a king walking among his subjects and looking down at them.

When he saw this mesmerizing man come toward him, Feng Xiang quickly went forward to greet him with both hands clasped together: "Greetings, Wargod." The other guests all knelt to greet him.

"Second brother." Si Rong and the other princes quickly ran over to stand with Feng Xiang.

Feng Xiang and the rest were puzzled by this. The famous Wargod had never had any dealings with the Fengs, so why was he here now?

The people thought that Wargod could see that the Feng family was now of a higher status than before, so they assumed that he wanted to get friendly with them. He must have come to congratulate Feng Xiang.

Si Mobai calmly glanced at Feng Xiuyu, who was still on the dining table, and sarcastically asked, "Is this how the Fengs receive guests?"

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How dare she try to attack his Laner!

Feng Xiuyu was very anxious to get up, but she had crashed onto the table full of oily food. Attempting to get up had caused her to slip a few times. She was only able to stand up and steady herself with Feng Xiupeis help, and she quickly knelt without cleaning herself up. She did not even dare to look up.

The Wargod was as scary as the devil himself, and she dared not look at him.

Feng Xiupei thought that Si Mobai had looked at her earlier, so she proudly puffed herself up and used her sweetest voice to call out, "Peier greets the Wargod!"

So, this was Wargod Si Mobai! He was such a handsome and charming man like a god descended from the heavens. His mere presence attracted so much attention!

"Not at all. Someone has pretended to be my beloved daughter, who has already passed away, and we were merely trying to catch her. If we have inadvertently offended Your Highness, we seek forgiveness from Your Highness," replied Feng Xiang.

Si Mobais voice was as icy as sharp knives, and Feng Xiang felt like his words were a pot of cold water being poured on him. Theyd made him break out in a cold sweat.

The Wargod was a legendary man who feared nothing, and he didnt want to offend him.

Si Mobai turned slightly and looked up at Feng Tianlan, who was standing with her hands by her side, and said, "You mean her?"

His Laner was every bit real; how could she be an imposter? Feng Xiang was ready to kill Laner for powerwhat a shameless man.

"Its her," Feng Xiang replied seriously.

"If Father wants to take charge of the Feng Clan, then say so. You are the father, and I am only the daughter. If you say so, how can I say anything against your decision?" Feng Tianlan looked up as if to mock Feng Xiang, but she had a sad expression on her face.

"How could a father disown his daughter for the sake of being a clan head and even smear her reputation by saying she killed herself after being humiliated? Shouldnt a father hide such a thing from the public? Instead of hiding, you announce it widely."

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