The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Waiting For Si Mobai To Attack

"Never mind all these things. Now that your daughter is back, you still refuse to acknowledge me and even say that Im an imposter. This runs contrary to how youve crowed about me being your beloved daughter. Or, should I simply say that Father doesnt want me back at all, and is finding an excuse to get rid of me?"

Si Mobai was here to support her, and she was unable to change his mind.

"So, Feng Tianlan isnt dead, but the Feng Clan Head spread the news that she was?"

"I have no idea. But this news was indeed spread by the Fengs. If its true, then thats too heartless. For the sake of power, Feng Xiang even smeared his own daughters reputation. Is power really more important than family?"

"Feng Tianlan may be a good-for-nothing, but shes still the heir to the family, after all. How can he only love Feng Xiuyu and Feng Xiupei? Thats as good as favoring an illegitimate child over the rightful heir. How terrible."

"Well, the Fengs have always had a woman in charge. To take over the clan, Feng Xiang probably came up with this story. Theres nothing strange about that."


"Thats nonsense. Tianlan has been dead for more than a month." Feng Xiang became anxious after hearing the guests comments. He ordered the guards kneeling by his side, "Hurry up and kill this imposter so that we dont get in the way of His Highness."

He couldnt let Wargod interfere with this matter. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to gain supreme power successfully, and people would find out that Peier was the one who had killed Feng Tianlan. That would be bad for Peiers reputation.

Feng Tianlan saw the guards rushing at her, so she coldly looked up and waved the Silver Silk Net in her hand. The silk shot out like tiny snakes, stabbing each guard through the throat so swiftly that only a few drops of blood could be seen. In the next moment, the guards all collapsed and died with their eyes still wide open.


Absolutely shocking!

Feng Tianlan had killed more than ten First-stage Spiritualists so easily!

Was this really the good-for-nothing that theyd always known?

A month ago, Feng Tianlan had also only been at the First-stage Spiritualist level. Now, she could instantly kill more than ten people at her level?

Feng Xiang was so shocked by Feng Tianlans ability that he forgot to react. After just one month, her skills had risen above the First-stage Spiritualist level. This leveling up was happening way too quickly!

Feng Xiupei looked at the dead bodies on the ground then back at Feng Tianlan coldly. Feng Tianlan had advanced way too fast and was now a threat to her. She wasnt going to let this happen!

Feng Xiupei looked at Si Mobai, who was standing next to Feng Tianlan. She had attended Flying Frost Pavilion from a young age and had never seen the Wargod before. She had heard many legends about him, though, which she didnt quite believe. But today, she had seen how his beauty was stunning. His domineering presence was enough to make everyone kneel before him.

What a pity that he was merely a lowly lord in this great universe. No matter how striking he looked, he was only a pretty face with no power.

She also knew that this Wargod had a strange illness. He hated going near or touching women, and those who tried either got off lightly with an injuryor, they ended up dead!

Feng Xiupei looked at the two of them standing very close to one another and narrowed her eyes in displeasure. She thought: It looks like the rumors are only rumors and cant be believed after all. The Wargod doesnt hate women at all. Otherwise, he would have killed Feng Tianlan by now.

Feng Xiupei looked down and frowned at Feng Xiuyu, who was still covered with oil. There was even a shrimp on her head. She thought of a plan and whispered into her sisters ear, "Go wash up at the back, then"

Feng Xiuyus eyes lit up when she heard the plan. She quietly made her exit.

"Wargod, youd better stand further away from her, lest she hurts you," Feng Xiupei looked up at Si Mobai and gently reminded him about how close Feng Tianlan was standing to him.

It was only then that everyone else noticed how Feng Tianlan and Si Mobai were standing side by side. Their hair tangled together in the wind, and they looked like a fairy couple descended from the heavens.

By remaining where she was, Feng Tianlan was as good as courting death!




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