The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 152

Chapter 152 As Long As Im Around Who Dares Touch Her?

Everybody knew that Wargod hated going near or touching women. But now, these two were so close that their hair was entangled. Thus, Feng Tianlan was going to die horribly. Everyone waited for Si Mobai to kill Feng Tianlan in a fit of anger!

Si Mobai looked icily at Feng Xiupei, and his voice was colder than an iceberg as he said, "Do I take orders from you?"

He was more than happy to be even closer to Laner, but she wanted to use this opportunity to make him turn on Laner. Such foolishness!

"I wouldnt dare," Feng Xiupei lowered her head humbly. She looked like a beautiful lady in shock, but her heart was churning. Didnt the Wargod immediately kill any woman who touched him?

Feng Tianlan was standing so close to Si Mobai that their clothes and hair were touching, so why was the Wargod not even frowning?

Si Mobai snorted and looked down at Feng Tianlans profile. Her skin was fairer than snow. If not for that frightening scar on her face, she would have been as perfect as polished jade.

Although she was able to get rid of this scar, she never did. Without the scar, she would be prettier than a fairy, and many men would flock to her. He felt that it was better this way because only he could see how lovely and beautiful she really was, and nobody would try to snatch her away from him.

Feng Tianlan only felt that his gaze was so hot it was scalding her. She couldnt help blushing. Then, she looked coldly at Feng Xiang and said, "Father said earlier that you wanted to return the Feng family to me. Im here now. Are you going back on your word?"

Feng Xiang was about to say that she was an imposter, but Si Mobai spoke before he could: "Or has the Feng Clan Head forgotten what his late wife looks like?"

"How could I? Even though Ive grown old, I still remember the face of my beloved wife," Feng Xiang quickly replied. He had married into the family and had to obey all his wifes orders when shed been alive. Since her death, he hated any mention of her.

Besides, once Feng Tianlan was dead, he would take over the Feng name, and get rid of everyone else before him in the genealogy. That way, centuries later, he would be recognized as the first generation of Fengs, and the family would have nothing to do with his late wife.

He wanted the Feng name all to himself because it represented glory and power.

"She looks so much like your wife, yet you want to say shes an imposter?" Si Mobai stared coldly at Feng Xiang with his mesmerizing almond eyes.

"There are many people in this world who look alike. Besides, everyone in South Winds Nation already knows that Tianlan killed herself after being raped by robbers. How can this woman really be Tianlan?" Feng Xiang felt that Si Mobais gaze was like icy knives landing on him, making his entire body feel very cold.

"Tu Xiang, is there a father that behaves like you?" Feng Tianlan asked Feng Xiang mockingly when she heard these words. "Father is very cruel to me. Youre either out to murder me or smear my reputation."

Feng Xiangs words had hurt her reputation once again. If this girl were proven to be Feng Tianlan, then that would also mean that she had been tainted by those robbers and would be called all sorts of names. She didnt care how others looked at her, but she wasnt going to tolerate Feng Xiang ruining her reputation without proof either.

"You are an imposter!" Feng Xiangs eyes grew red when he heard her call him Tu Xiang. With a wave of his hand, he shouted, "Kill her!"

He couldnt think so much anymore. Even if the Wargod were around, he had to kill Feng Tianlan because it was a better ending than having his lies exposed.

"As long as Im around, well see who dares touch her." Si Mobai used his almond eyes to scan his surroundings coldly. An aura emanated from him that was so murderous that it was as if, anyplace it touched, not even a blade of grass could survive.




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