The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 153

Chapter 153 So What If I Insist On Protecting Her?

Because of Si Mobais aura, everyone felt tremendous pressure, and it was even difficult for them to breathe.

Feng Tianlan was standing right next to Si Mobai, and she was under even greater pressure than the others. Her heart pounded from sheer terror. He did indeed deserve the name Wargod.

But what hed said earlier was a bit much, wasnt it? Didnt he say he wouldnt interfere in her business?

Si Mobai could tell that Feng Tianlan didnt look too well, but she wasnt breathless like the others. Her slightly raised eyebrows could not hide her arrogance. She had advanced in skill exceptionally quicklythis was definitely his Laner.

"Feng Clan Head, when you insist on killing an imposter without first asking for proof, it makes you sound very suspicious." Si Mobai stashed away his intense aura from earlier. He looked at the others, who were almost paralyzed on the ground, then coldly looked back at Feng Xiang.

Feng Xiang felt all his hair stand on end when Si Mobai looked at him. Under the scrutiny of his cold glare, he had no choice but to say, "Since you claim to be Feng Tianlan, then prove it."

Feng Xiang was filled with anxiety and fear when he said this. He was afraid that Feng Tianlan would say something detrimental to him.

Of course, Feng Xiang was not alone in feeling this way. Feng Xiupei was even more anxious than him because she was the one who had sent Feng Tianlan flying over the cliff. If this were made known, the image that she had built up carefully over the last ten years would be destroyed entirely.

However, Feng Xiupei calmed down quickly after thinking it through. Feng Tianlan had no evidence that she was the one who had done it, so she did not pose a threat.

Feng Tianlan calmly took out the real seal from the Pill Scroll Realm and held it up for everyone to see clearly. Then, she walked right up to Feng Xiang. Her lips curled into a smile as she said, "The Feng Clan Seal is proof enough."


Feng Xiang and the others opened their eyes wide when they saw her produce the seal. Their faces were full of disbelief.

"The one you have is fake. You arent just pretending to be Tianlan, whos already dead, you have also even forged an imitation of the Feng Clan Seal." Feng Xiang hurriedly took out his seal to compare it with the one in Feng Tianlans hands. He angrily demanded, "What do you want from us?"

He had gotten his hands on the seal more than a month ago, so how could Feng Tianlan still have it? It was definitely a fake, and now shed made this fake one.

"Whats going on? Why are there two Feng Clan Seals?"

"The Fengs are a very messy family. First, there was a genius that became useless, then a good-for-nothing suddenly became a genius, and now someone is suddenly back from the dead. There are even two Feng Clan Seals. Still waters run deepits so scary."

"If theyre saying that one of the seals is fake, I can believe that. But, to say Feng Tianlan isnt the real dealdoes he think weve never seen Feng Tianlan before? This lady here is obviously Feng Tianlan."

"Hoho! You dont get it, do you? If Feng Tianlan dies, who do you think benefits the most from her death?"

"Oh, I get it. But isnt that" Too inhumane?

Feng Xiangs eyes reddened when he heard the crowds murmurs. He glared at Feng Tianlan as he said magnanimously, "As long as you pull off the mask and tell me who the mastermind is, I can let you off."

Feng Tianlan laughed coldly at this. So, now he was saying that she was wearing a mask.

"I dont think you would dare, right?" Feng Xiang snorted before coldly giving orders, "Men! Tear the mask off her faceI want to see what she looks like underneath!"

If they disfigured her in the process of fighting, and he declared that she was not Feng Tianlan, who would disagree with him?

"So, the Feng Clan Head is going to ignore my existence." Feng Tianlans supporter, Si Mobai, immediately rereleased his murderous aura, suppressing the entire crowd.

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