The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Si Mobais Beauty

Feng Xiang felt himself breaking out in cold sweat again due to Si Mobais oppressive aura. He kept wiping the sweat from his forehead. "I wouldnt dare, but this is my familys business. So, Your Highness"

He didnt dare finish his sentence because Si Mobai had intensified his murderous aura and become even scarier than beforeit was like the god of death had come for him.

Feng Xiupei frowned. Why was the misogynistic Wargod always helping Feng Tianlan? She was merely an ugly good-for-nothing who couldnt compare to her. As long as the Wargod wasnt blind, he would know how much better she was than Feng Tianlan, once she made herself up.


Feng Xiupei bent her waist a little and started sashaying toward Si Mobai. But the moment she came within three feet of him, his icy glare made her tremble. She dared not move anymore and swallowed everything shed wanted to say.

What a frightening glare!

What an oppressive aura!

Such a man was irresistible to Feng Xiupei!

Si Mobais gaze landed like cold knives on Feng Xiupei, and he snorted disdainfully. Who did she think she was? She wasnt even worth a hair on Laners head, and still, she tried to seduce him.

Feng Xiang was sweating profusely, but he didnt want to let Feng Tianlan get her way so easily. Even though Si Mobai terrified him, Feng Xiang glared at Feng Tianlan and continued, "Ill give you one more chance. As long as you tear the mask off your face and tell me whos behind this, I will let you off."


Feng Tianlan laughed coldly at Feng Xiang, and her face was full of disdain.

"How can you pretend to be Tianlan with a copy of the seal?" Feng Xiang was angered by Feng Tianlans mocking. If not for the Wargods presence, he would have killed her in front of all the other guests!

Feng Xiang had just finished speaking when a deep, unhappy voice rang out to his left: "And how wouldnt I have known that the seal delivered from my own hands is a fake?"

Everyone turned to see where the voice had come from. They were all shocked. Even Feng Xiang opened his eyes wide. When had he come out of the mountains?

"Oh my goodness! Its a Feng elderFeng Qingling!"

"Feng Qingling disappeared ten years ago, and now hes suddenly appeared again. What a shock!"

"Feng Qingling was the most handsome man of his time, and he rose to Advanced-stage Spiritual Grandmaster at the young age of twenty. He was a genius!"

"Hes a Feng family elder and Feng Tianlans uncle. He would know best which seal is real and which is fake."


Feng Xiang saw that Feng Qingling was full of energy and still looked like he was in his twenties. Why was he appearing at this time, and why was he helping Feng Tianlan?

When he thought about the agreement that they had made years ago, Feng Xiang went from panicked to calm. He looked at Feng Qingling as if to warn him. "Qingling, youre back. This woman is an imposter. The real Tianlan was humiliated over a month ago and jumped off a cliff to commit suicide when she was unable to live with it."

Feng Qingling harrumphed and ignored Feng Xiangs warning. Instead, he stood beside Feng Tianlan and said, "She is my niece, Feng Tianlan, and the seal in her hands is the real one."

When he heard what Feng Qingling said, Feng Xiangs expression grew dark. "Qingling, how can you help someone from outside the family? Are you in cahoots with her to snatch the Feng family from me?"

He was warning Feng Qingling not to forget their old agreement. Namely, that if Feng Qingling came out from the Forbidden Area, Feng Tianlan would die on the same day!

Feng Qingling merely scoffed, took the seal that was in Feng Xiangs hand, and crushed it to pieces with his fingers.

Everyone watching looked on with wide eyes in disbelief. The seal was smashed, just like that!




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