The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Feng Xiang Is Too Good At Twisting The Truth

Feng Xiang was struck dumb by this turn of events. He had treated this seal like treasure and even hugged it as he slept for the last month. How could it be smashed to pieces so easily? Not to mention how had it been broken so easily in the hands of Feng Qingling, a man with no Spiritual force?

Feng Xiupei saw with her own eyes how Feng Qingling had smashed the seal to bits, and her expression immediately changed. It was a fascinating expression.

Even though she had planned everything so carefully and had been nearly disfigured, shed never thought that Feng Tianlan wasnt dead. Even the seal shed brought back had now turned out to be a fake. She felt like Feng Tianlan had shot arrows at her face from all directions, and it was burning with pain!

"A fake seal cannot withstand such a test," Feng Qingling laughed coldly at Feng Xiang, his bright eyes burning with fire.

When he thought about all the horrible things Feng Xiang had done and how much pain Tianlan had suffered for the past decade, he couldnt wait to cut Feng Xiang open to see if this man still had a heart after mistreating his own wife and daughter for the sake of power.

Feng Xiang glared at Feng Qingling and realized that Feng Qingling no longer viewed him as a threat. His eyes grew cold for a while before his expression quickly changed to one of pain as he looked at Feng Qingling. "Qingling, I know that youve always wanted to be in charge of the Feng family, but your sister gave the family to me. You cant just join forces with an outsider pretending to be Tianlan and take power from me just because youre not happy with this arrangement."

Feng Tianlan and Feng Qingling were shocked by Feng Xiangs sudden change of expression. This man was amazing at spinning the situation. They had already produced the real seal and even summoned Feng Qingling, a family elder, but Feng Xiang was still twisting things?

This incredible ability to turn falsehoods into truths was most remarkable, and they were so impressed that they were ready to kill him!

"Qingling, you went missing for ten years. Im sure youve been under some bad influences out there. But, if youre willing to expose her true self, I wont pursue this matter, and you can continue being a Feng elder," Feng Xiang advised Feng Qingling with a look of great generosity.

Feng Qingling couldnt resist rolling his eyes when he saw Feng Xiang putting on such a terrific act. "So, youre going to insist that Ive brought a fake Feng Tianlan to take the clan away from you?"

"I can understand where youre coming from, but if youre willing to let go of this plan, I can forgive you." Feng Xiang now looked like the perfect brother-in-law trying to advise his wifes younger brother. His magnanimous look only made Feng Qingling feel like vomiting.

"Youre so persistent. Arent you afraid that all this will come back and bite you?" Feng Qingling didnt have much patience left for Feng Xianghe was too good at twisting the truth.

"A fake is a fake. If you continue to be stubborn, then dont blame me for taking action." Feng Xiang pretended to look as if he had tried his best to persuade Feng Qingling.

He was very sure that, as long as he continued to insist that Feng Tianlan was an imposter, then nobody could prove otherwise. Feng Qingling was a good-for-nothing too, so he was not a threat to him.

Feng Qingling couldnt help but roll his eyes again. In his own eyes, Feng Xiang was clever, but to Feng Qingling, he was a fool.

"Laner, someone needs to be slapped awake."

When she heard these words, Feng Tianlan smiled and nodded. "Got it."

"Tu Xiang, wait for it," Feng Qingling looked disdainfully at Feng Xiang.

Feng Xiang frowned and sat up straight as if he were in the right. "Im going to see what tricks you have up your sleeve."

As long as he continued to insist, who could say for sure if the Feng Tianlan in front of him was the real deal? Once the seal was back in his hands, he could still become the official head of the Feng family. Then, he could get rid of Feng Qingling and Feng Tianlan for good.

Once he had absolute power, who would dare go against him?




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