The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 156

Chapter 156 The Phoenix Emblem

Feng Tianlan curled her lips as she coldly glanced at Feng Xiang. She bit down on her index finger and rubbed the blood on her forehead. Soon, the blood disappeared, and a red emblem started to appear where she had rubbed. It became a fiery Phoenix Emblem.

"Howhow can it be?" Feng Xiangs eyes were wide as he saw the life-like Phoenix Emblem appear on Feng Tianlans forehead, its wings spread wide. This emblem only appeared on the Feng clans rightful heir.

Also, this emblem only appeared on those who had mastered the Phoenix in the Sky technique, which had been left behind by the Feng ancestors. She had only rubbed a bit of blood from her finger, so how could the emblem appear?

"This is the emblem of the Feng clans rightful heir, and Father still wants to question me?" Feng Tianlans eyes were as sharp as an eagles as they landed coldly on Feng Xiang. "You are cruel to your daughter for the sake of obtaining power."

Si Mobai looked down at Feng Tianlan. Her forehead was already beautiful, but now there was a phoenix with its wings spread wide on it, along with her sharp, phoenix-shaped eyes. Even though she looked pure and simple in white, her clothes couldnt cover the arrogant, royal demeanor she was exuding.

The more time he spent with her, the more he discovered how wonderful she was. At the same time, he had also realized that she must have gone through some excruciating experiences. He wondered what sort of family the Fengs must have been to create such an aura in her at such a young age.

"" Feng Xiang was so stunned by the life-like Phoenix Emblem on Feng Tianlans forehead that he couldnt speak anymore.

"Its truly the Phoenix Emblem, which only the rightful heir can display."

"So, this is the real Feng Tianlan?"

"Do you have eyes at all? I could tell that she was Feng Tianlan from the moment she appeared. But, for the sake of power, Feng Xiang refused to acknowledge her and even wanted to kill her."

"Feng Xiang must have known that it was her from the moment she arrived, but he was very eager to kill her to obtain power."

"Or, do you think that hes anxious to kill Feng Tianlan because of something to do with her so-called death over a month ago? Perhaps there are other details we dont know. Like, maybe he tried to kill her so he could take power?"

"Thats terrifying. Even the fiercest animals dont eat their children."


After hearing one detrimental comment after another, Feng Xiangs face paled. He decided that if he went on like this, it would hurt his standing even more. Even though he was unwilling, he had no choice but to acknowledge Feng Tianlan.

"Tianlan, Im glad that youre not dead. Thats wonderful, I thought you" Feng Xiang was so agitated that he could not speak, and there was no trace of his earlier intention to kill her.

"Sis, Im so glad youre alive. Thats great! Thats great." Feng Xiupei took a deep breath, then started running toward Feng Tianlan with excitement. Tears spilled from her eyes.

"Get lost." Feng Tianlan saw Feng Xiupei stretch out her arms to catch her in a hug, and she frowned in disgust and dodged her. Feng Xiupei was too good at acting. She had only said a few things the whole time and was trying to make herself look good.

"Sis" Feng Xiupei looked at Feng Tianlan with a face full of hurt, as if she were a younger sister being bullied by her elder sister. She made it seem like she was the pitiful one, and Feng Tianlan was horrible.

If things hadnt changed so suddenly, Feng Xiupei wouldnt have been willing to pretend to be close to her or tried to hug her. Shed wanted to seize this chance to feed Feng Tianlan some potion to make her unable to speak, but she hadnt expected Feng Tianlan to be so quick in dodging her.

Meanwhile, Feng Xiuyu had just finished washing up and walked out. She looked at Feng Tianlan with eyes full of hatred and evil. "Feng Tianlan, how dare you come back? Will you only stop and feel ashamed once I reveal the truth of what really took place in the past?"




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