The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 158

Chapter 158 My Turn To Attack

The crowd refused to stop murmuring, and everyone had a different view. However, most of the comments were on Feng Xiuyus side, but only because most people liked to take the moral high ground. Sometimes the truth wasnt important at all.

When Feng Xiuyu realized that most people were on her side, she gleefully raised her eyebrows at Feng Tianlan. Without realizing that there was a very frightening air coming from Si Mobai, she continued talking.

"After Feng Tianlan did not succeed in forcing herself on him, she took all her clothes off and insisted that Third Prince take responsibility by marrying her. However, Third Prince said hed rather die than marry her. After she tried all sorts of ways to convince him, Third Prince threw her out of his palace, and she said that if he didnt marry her, shed kill herself. We all thought that she was just saying this out of spite, and we didnt expect her to jump off a cliff.

"We found her corpse at the bottom of the ravine and didnt tell anybody about what had happened. Who knew that she would fake her death to force Third Prince to marry her? Now, shes exploiting all tactics to destroy us for the sake of gaining power. Such a shameless woman is too embarrassing to be a daughter of the Feng family."

Feng Xiuyus self-righteous speech made Feng Qingling burn with anger. He knew that Tianlan must have suffered terribly in the main house, but now that he had seen and heard for himself, he understood that she had suffered even more than hed imagined.

Feng Tianlan reached out to stop the angry Feng Qingling, who was ready to beat someone up. She looked up and smiled gently at Feng Xiuyu. "Are you done talking?"

"You have done even more shameless things, but it would be beneath me to talk about them, so that is enough." After that, Feng Xiuyu looked toward Si Rong and said, "Big Brother Rong, my sister is such an immoral woman. Do you still want to defend her?"

Si Rong looked at Feng Xiuyus petite face, then at Feng Tianlans scarred face. He didnt have to think any longer. He turned to the guests and said in a severe voice, "Everything Yuer said is true. On account of our previous relationship, I didnt want to bring this up. But now that Feng Tianlan has proved ungrateful for my kindness, I will not tolerate her behavior anymore."

After he finished talking, Si Rong suddenly felt a chill run through his body. He scanned his surroundings and his gaze landed on Si Mobai. Si Mobai wore his usual cold stare, and Si Rong felt a bit confused by this. The glare like icy knives, which he had felt earlier, definitely belonged to his second brother, but he didnt feel it anymore. Perhaps he was being too paranoid.

Si Mobai was ready to smite all of them now. How dare they spin such a ridiculous story to ruin his Laner! They all deserved to die!

"Those are just your words. Surely, you have some proof?" Feng Tianlan looked up and smiled coldly at them.

Si Rong was sure that the icy glare hed felt earlier was gone. As a prince, he couldnt possibly be afraid of just a glare. So, he straightened his back and declared confidently, "My words are proof enough."

"On account of our relationship, we wouldnt have left any evidence," Feng Xiuyu added. This time, she was determined to make sure that Feng Tianlans reputation was left in tatters and never make a comeback.

"Excellent move." Feng Tianlan eyes twinkled and smiled at Si Rong. "Since you have no evidence, then its my turn to attack."

Feng Xiupei looked at Feng Tianlans smile and couldnt help but frown. Her smile was very creepy.

"During the few days that I went missing, there was no news about any robbery or kidnapping in either the Feng Manor or in the entire city"

Before Feng Tianlan finished speaking, Feng Xiuyu quickly cut in to explain, "Those thugs were highly skilled."

"Oh really?" Feng Tianlan looked at Feng Xiang and Feng Xiupei mockingly. "So, even though you two are geniuses and Father is an Advanced-stage Spiritual Grandmaster, all this skill was all useless against these thugs?"

"Youre making things up." Feng Xiuyu had no other answer for her and could only look to Feng Xiupei for help. But Feng Xiuyu simply didnt understand any of the glances that Feng Xiupei threw at her. Feng Xiupei was about to die from frustration.




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