The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Only I Can Touch Her

Feng Xiupei called her younger sister an idiot in her heart before sweetly saying, "Actually, if Eldest Sister wants to take control of the Feng clan, then you can just tell Father. Why did you gang up with others with ill intentions to switch out the seal? Then, after thatanyway, its good enough that youre back. Nothing else is important."

If she didnt speak up now, then Feng Tianlan would destroy her reputation as the top female genius. She was not going to allow this to happen.

Feng Tianlan wanted to applaud Feng Xiupei for knowing exactly where to cut off her sentences. This pause made people think that Feng Tianlan had conspired with the robbers to get the real seal but then fought with them over how to split the loot with the result that they had raped her. This conclusion to the story could be drawn seamlessly from Feng Xiuyus account, and the seal in her possession would then be considered as stolen from the family.

She had to admit that Feng Xiupei was an amazing schemer and excellent at choosing her words. Just one sentence from her could throw out so many false clues. She wanted to give Feng Xiupei a standing ovation for this ability.

"Oh yes, indeed, none of you are in the wrong. All this is my fault," Feng Tianlan nodded with a sarcastic smile. "Since all of you are lining up for me to slap you in the face, Ill slap you hard."

"You said that robbers raped me?" Feng Tianlan pulled up her sleeve to reveal a dark red spot of Chastity Sand on her arm. It was very bright against her fair skin.

"Thats Chastity Sand."

"Since the spot of Chastity Sand remains on her body, it means she hasnt lost her virginity."

"Then, that story earlier about the robbers and being raped doesnt hold water anymore. I told you Feng Tianlan wasnt that sort of person."


Feng Xiuyu felt like her head was about to burst when she saw the spot of Chastity Sand. Her eyes became bloodshot as she shouted angrily, "You dont have any Chastity Sand left! That spot is fake."

The Fengs didnt care about things like marking their daughters with Chastity Sand, but only they knew that. Since they hadnt marked their daughters and didnt have any Chastity Sand on hand, Feng Tianlans spot must be fake.

"Are there any Alchemists here? Rub it with an appropriate potion and see if it comes off." Feng Tianlan smiled at the guests. Since her father had invited many guests of high-standing, there must be several Alchemists in the crowd.

Many started saying that they wanted to volunteer. Initially, Feng Xiupei and the rest were unhappy when they saw how forthcoming the crowd was. But then, they secretly started celebrating after they thought about how the right potion would wash this fake spot right off, and Feng Tianlans lies would be exposed once it was gone.

"I will do it." When Si Mobai saw that Feng Tianlan had exposed her fleshy little arm and heard so many alchemists eagerly volunteering to rub that spot, his face became dark and frightening, as if it had completely frozen over.

It was already too much for him to bear when she revealed her arm like this, and now she was going to let some other man touch her?

Wait, what?!

Everyone was shocked as they watched Si Mobai walk toward Feng Tianlan with massive strides. The misogynistic Wargod had volunteered to rub potion on Feng Tianlan?

He wasnt just standing next to her anymore, but he was actually going to touch her. What was going on in the Wargods mind? Had he fallen for this ugly good-for-nothing?

Feng Tianlan was also taken aback by this and stared at him. What was going on? Hadnt he agreed not to interfere?

Si Mobai glared hard at her before producing a potion bottle from his storage space. "This is Thousand Water Wood, and it can wash off any stains."


The crowd was utterly speechless. This potion was extremely rare, and the Wargod was the only one in the whole of South Winds Nation who possessed it. This potion could indeed cleanse anything. Usually, it was used to clean infected wounds, but Si Mobai used it as a mere disinfectant!




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