The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Thats Not Rubbing Potionhes Obviously Rubbing Her Arm

In other words, the Wargod used this potion to disinfect himself when women accidentally touched him!

This was, therefore, definitely the most suitable potion for testing the spot of Chastity Sand on Feng Tianlan. No matter the result, everyone would be satisfied because it was the best possible test.

"I will have to trouble the Wargod, then." Feng Xiupei looked at Si Mobai, who was both like a fairy and a devil at the same time. She couldnt help but try to increase her presence around him. Even if he wasnt good enough for her, as long as he liked her, she could use him somehow. Why not?

Si Mobai didnt even look at her and naturally picked up Feng Tianlans hand. Feng Tianlan instinctively tried to draw her hand back, but Si Mobai held onto it firmly.

This immediate reaction made Feng Tianlan look guilty to Feng Xiupei and the others, so Feng Xiuyu quickly commented, "Look how guilty you are this Chastity Sand is definitely fake."

"What a wonderful younger sister you are to be immediately suspicious of my Chastity Sand," Feng Tianlan coldly mocked in reply. She could feel the heat from Si Mobais hand on her arm and felt herself blushing. "Go ahead."

After that kiss under the moon, he had come to visit her every night. But he always remained at a distance and never crossed the line. Now, suddenly, he was in physical contact with her, and she couldnt help but blush as her heart began to race.

Si Mobai saw that her face had turned red and started feeling cheeky. He used his thumb to rub her arm a few times, but she tried to take her hand away. He looked up at her to find that her face was even redder now. He managed to suppress a smile, but his almond-shaped eyes were smiling. They twinkled and shone brightly.

Feng Tianlan stared at him in annoyance because of his cheeky move. But when she saw how his eyes smiled, her annoyance disappeared. He was so mesmerizing like this.

This man was really

When he needed to be serious, he was way too serious. Then, when he didnt want to be serious, he was a pervert who liked to take advantage of her!

Feng Xiupei and the rest completely misread the amorous air between them. They thought that Feng Tianlan had a guilty conscience because the Chastity Sand was fake, and they were all waiting for a good show when her lies were exposed. They were also waiting for Si Mobai to kill her with one palm of his hand when he realized he had touched such a filthy woman.

When Si Mobai rubbed the potion on that bright red spot of Chastity Sand, most of the guests opened their eyes wide to see what was happening clearly. Some even seemed to be anticipating Feng Tianlans downfall.

Meanwhile, Si Mobais thumb rubbing potion on her arm felt to Feng Tianlan like a matchstick, igniting the bright red spot and setting her whole body on fire. She started burning up inside, her heart pounded even faster, and her face turned bright red.

The continuous rubbing had made her blush and her heart race, so she looked up and glared at him as she wondered if he was rubbing potion on her or just plain rubbing her arm it was making her so shy.

Si Mobai met her gaze and used his eyes to tell her: You are not to reject my advances anymore!

After that, he slowly let go of her arm. He felt like he was going to burst if he didnt let go. He was only rubbing her arm, but that delicate and soft feeling in his hand made it difficult for him to control his reaction, and he felt uncomfortable in his lower half.

Besides, when she was glaring at him, he thought that she was throwing amorous looks, so his mind went straight to the gutter. A certain part of him was slowly rising up.

"How is it, Wargod?" Feng Xiupei asked anxiously. This man was handsome and highly-skilled. She wanted to use her beauty to enchant him so that he would fall hopelessly in love with her and become one of her pawns.

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