The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Si Mobai Slaps Feng Xiupei In The Face

Si Mobai was very annoyed that his enjoyment of Feng Tianlans amorous gaze had been interrupted, so he coldly scanned Feng Xiupeis fair porcelain face. This face would go back to what it truly looked like soon enough.

"Wargod" Feng Xiupei became complacent once Si Mobais eyes landed on her. In her estimation, all men loved beautiful women, and she was sure that the Wargod was no exception. It was only their first meeting, but the Wargod had paid attention to her.

She firmly believed that he would soon become a pawn desperate for her attention and affirmation!

Si Mobai coldly looked to one side and said in an icy voice, "Youre too ugly!" To him, she was an ugly woman who couldnt even compare to one strand on Laners head!


The way he spoke did not carry any feeling at all, not even disgust. It was as if he just stated the facts.

Feng Xiupei suddenly reddened and paled, then blushed again, like a painters pretty palette.

"Haha, the prettiest woman in South Winds Nation has been labeled as too ugly. Somehow, I feel like laughing."

"Its not that Second Miss is too ugly, shes just too ugly for Wargod. For him, even feeling disgusted with her is a waste of his feelings."

"Haha! Shes thought too highly of herself when she called out Wargod so sweetly earlier. As a woman, that little coquettish move made all my hair stand up, but the Wargod obviously cant even be bothered with her."


All at once, the guests were laughing at Feng Xiupei. Her gentle eyes suddenly grew cold, and her polite smile hardened. Her expression had changed for just a moment, but many people saw it.

"I thought that this gentle and magnanimous goddess doesnt get angry."

"We only said a few things, and her expression already changed. So, when Feng Tianlan accused her before, she must have developed a deep hatred toward her, right?"

"I just want to laugh in her face."


"Enough!" Feng Xiupeis cold voice interrupted the flurry of comments. She glared at Feng Tianlan with hatred and clenched her teeth. She tried hard to make her voice sound gentle, but it only made her sound even faker. "The important thing now is to prove my sisters innocence. Please turn your attention back to her."

If it werent for Feng Tianlan, Si Mobai wouldnt have embarrassed her like this in public. This was all Feng Tianlans fault.

Excellent, now they had another feud to settle!

"Thats right. I believe the so-called Chastity Sand on Feng Tianlan is all gone now," Feng Xiuyu quickly added. She couldnt wait for Feng Tianlans reputation to fall to pieces.

The guests now remembered what they were waiting for and turned their attention back to Feng Tianlan. The discussion also went back to whether her Chastity Sand was real or not.

Feng Tianlan curled her lips into a smile as she saw Feng Xiupeis image crack a little. She lifted her arm that was as white as snow. The spot of Chastity Sand was as bright as fresh blood and very visible against her fair skin.

"Howhow can this be," Feng Xiuyu was shocked that the red spot was still there and ran toward Feng Tianlan, screaming, "Thats impossible! You cant possibly have Chastity Sand. This Chastity Sand is fake!"

Feng Tianlan turned a little to one side and dodged Feng Xiuyu. She asked her with a cold smile, "And why are you so insistent that my Chastity Sand is fake? Is it because you hate it when things go well for me, or is there some other reason?"

"Of course, I know your Chastity Sand is fake. And thats because"

"Yuer, Eldest Sisters Chastity Sand is still there, and thats the truth. Stop questioning," Feng Xiupei cut Feng Xiuyu off in an angry voice.

"Sis" Feng Xiuyu was going crazy. The Fengs never marked their daughters with Chastity ,Sand and her sister knew that too, so why was she speaking up for Feng Tianlan?




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