The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Oh How It Hurts To Be Slapped In The Face

Feng Xiupei threw a warning glance at Feng Xiuyu. "Dont get jealous over nothing because Eldest Sister was engaged to Third Prince before."

They both knew that the Chastity Sand was fake, but there was nothing they could do, because if they said that the girls didnt have the mark of Chastity Sand, then that would mean that Feng Xiupei and Feng Xiuyu had lost their virginity. Saying that the Feng family didnt mark its daughters would sound like making excuses since, somehow, Feng Tianlan had this spot on her.

Feng Xiupei could only admit that Feng Tianlan had played an excellent move this round. They had to concede defeat.

After hearing Feng Xiupeis words, Feng Xiuyu glared with hate at Feng Tianlan, clenched her teeth, and stomped her feet. She reluctantly returned to Si Rongs side, looking ready to kill someone.

Feng Tianlan curled her lips at Feng Xiupei. Feng Xiupei was so quick to predict what she was going to say next. She had to be careful of Feng Xiupei.

"As long as Eldest Sister is fine, thats all that matters. We all thought that the corpse was you, and the wounds were reallyso we all thoughtthe important thing is that youre alright."

Feng Tianlan couldnt be bothered with Feng Xiupeis hypocrisy. She was prepared to give her a good slap in the face. Shed be brought down a peg soon enough.

"Earlier, my second sister said that I ganged up with robbers to steal and exchange the seal in my fathers hand." Feng Tianlan spun the seal in her hand and looked up at Feng Xiang with a smile. "Father, why dont you tell me whats so special about this seal?"

Feng Xiang was at a loss for words. Besides knowing that this was the Feng Clan Seal and that it could command Spiritual Emperors, he didnt know anything else. How was he supposed to answer this question?

Feng Tianlan was still smiling as she continued, "This is a secret that only the true Feng Clan Head would know, so its not strange that Father doesnt know. Let me ask a different question, then. Phoenixes cry tears of blood on the real seal, where does this blood come from?"

Again, Feng Xiang had no answers for her. This was the first time that he had seen the real seal in all these years, and he could only see it from afar. The one he was holding was a fake, and he didnt know how close it was to the original. There was no guarantee he could get this right.

Feng Xiupei could see that this was a sticky situation, so she looked at Feng Tianlan, who was smiling, and made an educated guess. She stuck her neck out and said, "Nobody has ever said that the Feng Clan Seals phoenix cries tears of blood. How can a seal bleed?"

"Father, do you think the same?" Feng Tianlan continued to spin the seal in her hand. She looked at Feng Xiang with a poker face, which made it difficult to tell what she was thinking.

Feng Xiang wasnt sure how to respond to Feng Tianlan when she smiled like this, so he looked at Feng Xiupei and saw her nod slightly, then confidently replied, "The phoenix is only a symbol, so how can it cry tears of blood?"

"This is only the beginning, and Ive already managed to score a hit. Im afraid you wont be able to stand later." Feng Tianlan smiled as she held up the seal for everyone to see.

In the candlelight, the bright red phoenixs two eyes gave off red light. It looked like there were blood drops at the corners of its eyes, and it was as if the phoenix were really crying tears of blood.

"The phoenix is really crying tears of blood."

"Oh dear, this is really a slap in the face. First, they said that Feng Tianlans seal was a fake. Then, they said Feng Tianlan swapped the real one for a fake one, but they dont even know any details about the actual seal."

"Pak, pak, pak so many slaps in the face surely has got to hurt. Im going to sell my face; does anybody need it?"

After hearing the crowds mocking, Feng Xiang and Feng Xiupeis went white as sheets. They had never thought that a symbolic, non-living object like the Feng Clan Seal could really bleed tears of blood. Feng Xiupei had guessed wrongly.

"What are you smiling about? Father purposely said the wrong thing because youre his daughter, and he doesnt want to embarrass you," Feng Xiuyu anxiously explained.

Feng Xiupei couldnt help but curl her lips in anger. At this point, this idiot was only tripping them up.




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