The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Lies That Cant Withstand Testing

Feng Tianlan nodded in agreement. "Oh sure, its because Im his daughter. Thats why he keeps trying to kill me in front of everyone."

"Its because youre an embarrassment to the Fengs," Feng Xiuyu quickly shouted in response. "Youre shameless! Despite annulling the engagement, you keep trying to seduce Big Brother Rong. You have no shame at all."

Feng Tianlan looked at Feng Xiupei then at Feng Xiuyu and curled up her lips into a mocking smile. This stupid girl was like a sitting duck waiting to be attacked. If she didnt know better, she would have thought these two sisters were two peas in a pod.

"Since were on this topic, lets give out a few more slaps in the face." Feng Tianlans phoenix eyes now landed on Si Rong. She raised an eyebrow, curled her lips, and broke into a smile like a rose in full bloom. Her questions were as sharp as thorns on a rose, stabbing into Si Rong.

"So, which day did I drug you? At what time? Where? How did I get into your palace? Did I enter from the front or the back door? Who saw me? Was it daytime or nighttime? What sort of drug did I use? And what time did you chase me out?"

"I" Si Rong was struck speechless by Feng Tianlans string of questions, but he quickly turned around and said, "Why would I remember details about such a filthy incident?"

Since none of this had actually happened, he couldnt answer any of these questions. The more he said, the more likely he was to slip up. It was better not to say anything at all.

"Haha!" Feng Tianlan laughed coldly. "Then Ill ask a simpler question. At what time did I go to your palace to drug you?"

"Early afternoon," Feng Xiuyu quickly helped to say. Big Brother Rong attended court in the morning, so it was impossible this it could have taken place in the morning. That only left the afternoon.

Feng Tianlan nodded slightly, then looked up and asked Si Rong, "Since you cant answer any other questions, then lets talk about time. Is the Third Prince sure it was early afternoon?"

"Mid-afternoon," Si Rong replied. He wasnt usually in his palace in the earlier part of the afternoon, so it wasnt possible to support this story.

"Then what time did you chase me out?" Feng Tianlan asked calmly.

"I dont remember," Si Rong answered with some guilt. If he tried to explain too many details, he would open up more loopholes. Only this stupid Feng Xiuyu would be dumb enough to answer Feng Tianlans every question.

Feng Xiupei could see that things were not looking good, so she quickly stood up and said, "Eldest Sister, enough. This took place in the past, and we believe that you werent responsible."

"From mid-afternoon till evening, I was at the Ruyi Trade House to pawn the Spirit Stabilizing Pill, so how could I have split myself in two and run to Third Princes palace, drugged him, then forced myself on him? Dont tell me you misremembered the time. Regardless of what time in the afternoon you say this took place, its obviously not correct."

Feng Tianlan scoffed, and her tone became very cold. Every word that came out was strong and angry. "All of you say that you care about me because were family, yet you make up a story that will destroy my reputation and future to ruin me completely. You are a good father and good sisters, indeed."

"A lie is a lie, and lies cant withstand testing."

"What a pack of lies every lie is trying to kill Feng Tianlan."

"What a scary family this is. I cant imagine what Feng Tianlan must have gone through in the past."

"Since you mention it, Feng Tianlan is pitiful, and shes the one in the rightbut shes been ousted from her position as if outsiders have invaded her house."

"Third Prince is a prince, but hes behaving just like them. How disappointing."

"You can tell the difference after comparing. Take a look at Wargod and Third Prince theyre brothers, but you can see how different they are. Different as heaven and hell."

When she heard these comments, Feng Xiuyu immediately exploded.




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