The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Feng Tianlan Starts Her Counterattack

"Feng Tianlan, you little sl*t! Father is the head of the household and has every right to take charge of the Feng Clan! Big Brother Rong is the Third Prince of this nation, and you think youre worthy of him? Do you dare to say that youre not shameless? Big Brother Rong has just annulled your engagement, and now youve hooked up with the Wargod. You nasty littleAHHH!"

Before Feng Xiuyu could finish her angry outburst, she was sent flying and landed on a dinner table, getting dirty all over again. But this time, that was not all one by one, all the dishes from the other tables in the courtyard started flying at Feng Xiuyu. They landed on her, provoking a series of ear-piercing screams.

"Wargod" Feng Xiang called out. He was met with Si Mobais icy knife-like stare, so he decided against pleading for his daughter.

Twenty or thirty tables worth of dishes had all landed on Feng Xiuyu. There was such a great variety of food on her that it was as if she were sitting in the dumpster. Even if this was meant to be a new dish, it was obvious that this combination of food wouldnt work out.

"Second Brother, youve" Si Rong wanted to say that his brother had gone too far, but he was frightened by Si Mobais glare. The person Si Rong feared most was his second brother.

"If anyone else dares to spout nonsense like this, I will cut off their tongue." Si Mobai looked down and glanced at Feng Tianlans hand, which she had quietly withdrawn, and his face went from cold to icy. If she hadnt stopped him, he wouldnt have let any of this go. He wouldnt have just left off with just one statement.

He wanted to warn the world not to say anything bad about Laner, but because she had stopped him, he started to think clearly again. Nobody knew that Laner was the woman whom he had brought back to his palace. It was better that way. Otherwise, his enemies might try to stir up trouble for Laner before she was sufficiently skilled.

Si Mobais calm and cold voice sounded like it came from the depths of hell. It had the power to make one feel cold physically and emotionally, and anyone who heard it felt unable to breathe. Furthermore, he was emanating that frightening demonic aura again.

Feng Xiupei calmed down and was happy to see that Si Mobai was angry when someone said that he was with Feng Tianlan. She was most worried that the Wargod had come to protect Feng Tianlan. As long as that wasnt true, all would be well.

"Eldest Sister"

"Since all of you are so unfeeling and unethical, then why should I quietly tolerate you and yield for your benefit?" Feng Tianlan brusquely cut off Feng Xiupei. Her sharp gaze scanned Feng Xiupei and the rest coldly. Then, she continued in a mocking voice, "Im going to tear your faces off and let everyone see who you all really are!"

Feng Tianlan didnt give any of them a chance to speak and looked coldly at Si Rong. "Three months ago, you said that I was a good-for-nothing and would affect your future, so you wanted to cancel our engagement and marry Feng Xiuyu instead. I didnt care for a power-hungry person like you, so I repudiated you, but your ego couldnt take it, and you came up with this story of how I drugged you. Dont you find your behavior to be extremely shameless?"


Si Rong wanted to defend himself, but Feng Tianlan had already turned to question Feng Xiang coldly: "Also, Father, for the sake of the Feng familys reputation, making sure that my younger sister marries well, and Si Rongs future, you advised me to accept the engagements annulment. You said that you would find a good husband for me."

"And, in the end?" Feng Tianlan laughed hollowly. "You found General Wang, who had violent tendencies. When that didnt work out, you found some shopkeeper and wanted me, the Feng clans heiress, to become his concubine. Then, when that didnt work out either, you found Zheng Shizi, who was suffering from venereal disease. Is that what you call finding me a good husband?"




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