The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Rushing To Be A Concubine Arent You Shameless?

"I didnt agree to marry any of them, so you killed them off then labeled me the reincarnation of the Malefic Star. Later, when you found out that my token of marriage to Si Rong was the Feng Clan Seal, you tricked me into going to the countryside so you could get your hands on the seal and seize power from me. Then, you pushed me over the cliff.

"Its been slightly over a month, and, even though Im supposed to be dead and barely decomposing, one of you already wants to marry my sister, another wants to snatch the Feng Clan Seal from me, and still another wants to grab her older sisters ex-fianc. Meanwhile, even though Ive actually managed to survive, Ive been labelled an imposter. Are these what you call family ties?"

"Nonsense!" Even Feng Xiangs beard started trembling when he heard Feng Tianlans accusations. Shed made all this up!

She was obviously the one whod killed General Wang and the others, while the public had called her the reincarnation of the Malefic Star. She had created this mess herself, and it had nothing to do with them.

Feng Tianlan looked up and scanned Feng Xiang and the rest coldly. "You only want to reap benefits for yourself, as many as you can you think youre worthy!"

"If were not worthy, then do you think a good-for-nothing like you is?" Feng Xiuyu stood up from the pile of messy dishes. Various foods dangled from her body, making her look like a walking garbage can!

Feng Tianlan was a good-for-nothing and extremely ugly too. Ugly good-for-nothings were not worthy of anything in this world, especially one like Feng Tianlan.

Si Mobai immediately threw a cold glare at Feng Xiuyu. A murderous glint flashed in his enchanting almond eyes.

"So, a younger sister is worthy of her older sisters husband?" Feng Tianlan looked coldly at Feng Xiuyu, who was making her way toward Feng Tianlan, dropping vegetables along the way. She mockingly continued, "Three months ago, I was still engaged to Third Prince. So, if you wanted to marry him, you would have been his concubine. I suppose the daughter of a concubine is worthy of becoming one too!"

"Feng Tianlan, youre just a good-for-nothing, and youre not even fit to be a concubine!" Hearing Feng Tianlans words, Feng Xiuyu was so angry that her face contorted. How dare Feng Tianlan say that she was only fit to be a concubine, and even remind her that she was a concubines daughter? She hated it when others said that she was merely the daughter of a concubinethis was the bane of her existence. "But now that you are no longer engaged to him, I will be his wife."

Feng Tianlan continued to look mockingly at Feng Xiuyu, who was still dripping with oil and curled her lips into a smile. "Wife? You mean Third Prince didnt tell you that the emperor has already arranged a marriage for him? He has a fiance, but it isnt you, Feng Xiuyu. If you want to marry him, youre still going to be a concubine!"

"Impossible!" Feng Xiuyu screamed in rage. "Big Brother Rong said he would marry no one else but me!"

"You can ask him yourself." Feng Tianlan folded her arms and smiled at Feng Xiuyu, whose face twisted in anger.

Feng Xiuyu turned and looked wide-eyed at Si Rong. "Big Brother Rong, tell her youre not engaged to someone else. You said you wanted to marry me, and that I would marry you as your official wife."

"I" Si Rong looked at Feng Tianlan, who was smiling coldly, then back at Feng Xiuyu, but couldnt reply to her. He looked back up at Feng Tianlan and asked her coldly, "How did you know about this?"

One month ago, his father had summoned him alone to the main palace and told him that he had chosen the daughter of one of his royal officials to be his wife. He didnt dare to go against the emperor, so hed accepted the arrangement. But this matter was not yet public, so nobody knew about it how did Feng Tianlan know?

"Did you hear that? Third Prince doesnt deny it." Feng Tianlan could see that Feng Xiuyu was so angry that her face was changing shape. Calmly, she continued to tease her, "So youre eagerly rushing to be a concubine. Doesnt that make you shameless?"

"Big Brother Rong!" Feng Xiuyu shrieked at Si Rong. "How could you do this to me? Weve already"




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