The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Tearing Off Feng Xiangs Mask

Si Rong quickly put his hand over Feng Xiuyus mouth and exclaimed, "Yuer!"

Feng Xiupei immediately smelled something fishy and said, "I must trouble Third Prince to bring Yuer around back to wash up."

Si Rong nodded. He couldnt care less that Feng Xiuyu was filthy. He quickly carried her away, afraid that she would say something that she should not.

Feng Tianlan watched them for a while as they left and didnt bother about them anymore. Then, she turned to Feng Xiang and said in a serious voice, "The Fengs have always had a woman in charge. As a man, you married into the family as a son-in-law. Even though my mother allowed you to carry the Feng name, what right do you have to become the Feng Clan Head?"

It was not easy to understand Feng Xiangs thoughts. He didnt just want to be the head of the clan, but he also wanted to take over the Feng name, wipe out all the Feng ancestors, and reinstate himself as the first generation of the Fengs.

"As long as I am capable, how can you say that I have no right?" Feng Xiangs fury was written all over his face. He hated it when others said that he had married into his wifes family and taken her name.

His original family name was Tu, and he was a disciple of a relatively unknown master. He knew that the Fengs were a powerful family, so hed set up a plan to save the Fengs daughter and used every means available to marry her so that he could enter the Feng clan and become its head.

This was the thorn in his heart no man was willing to marry into his wifes family.

But then again, the Fengs were so influential, and the Feng name was so powerful. Marrying into the line meant that all his descendants would also become powerful and influential, so why not?

"You left the rightful heiress to waste away in the corner of the house and never asked about her for more than ten years. You spoiled your mistress and killed your wife. You indulged your illegitimate daughters and destroyed your legitimate daughter." Feng Tianlan then pointed to the fiery Phoenix Emblem on her forehead and demanded in a loud and clear voice, "What right do you, Tu Xiang, have to be the Feng Clan Head?"


Feng Tianlans words were like thunder crashing on Feng Xiangs body, making him shiver. He had never thought Feng Tianlan would expose him like this in front of so many important people.

Tu Xiang.

He hadnt heard someone call him Tu Xiang to his face like that for a long time.

After hed married into the family and finally coaxed his wife into letting him take on the Feng name, someone had refused to acknowledge him by it and called him Tu Xiang. After hed found out who it was, hed cut off the persons tongue, and nobody had dared to call him that again or mention the word Tu in front of him.

Now, Feng Tianlan had called him Tu Xiang so loudly in front of all the nations most powerful people. Shed even questioned him fiercely about his right to take over the Feng Clan!

"So, Feng Xiangs surname is actually Tu.’"

"Is there a powerful family in South Peace City with the last name Tu?"

"Everybody in South Peace City knows that Feng Xiang changed his last name after marrying into the Feng family this man is the type that severs all ties with his family."

"Hes not even a Feng and wants to be the Feng Clan Head. If he is the sort that severs ties with his family, then everything Feng Tianlan said must be true."

Feng Xiangs face paled even more when he heard the guests discussing his name, and he glared at Feng Tianlan with fire spewing from his eyes. He stiffly replied, "I am your father, and that in itself makes me eligible to be the clan head."

Feng Xiang clenched his fists, ready to beat Feng Tianlan to death with one blow. This woman was most certainly a jinx, ruining his plans the moment she appeared.

"The Fengs have always had a woman in charge, but Father is not just a man, but a man of a different last name." Feng Tianlans eyes grew cold as she curled her lips slightly and looked mockingly at Feng Xiang, "Even if youre my father, how does that make you eligible?"

"I gave birth to you and brought you up thats enough!" When he heard Feng Tianlan reiterate how he had a different name, Feng Xiang was nearly unable to control his anger. He wanted to kill Feng Tianlan immediately and disregard the consequences.

But he could not do that now!




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