The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 167

Chapter 167 I Dont Mind Helping You Have A Sex Change

"You gave birth to me?" Feng Tianlan laughed. "The one who gave birth to me after carrying me for ten months is my mother. What has that got to do with a man like you?"

Feng Xiang started breathing heavily from anger. That was not what he meant at all she was deliberately pretending not to understand!

Feng Tianlan didnt wait for Feng Xiang to explain himself, and attacked from a different angle: "Or, do you mean that Father is willing to become a woman to become the Feng Clan Head? If so, Ill find you an Alchemist and help you have a sex change!"

"Feng Tianlan!" Feng Xiang had been trying hard to control his anger. After hearing this, he couldnt restrain himself any longer and raised his hand to release Spiritual force. The force hit the ground hard, creating a large hole. Dust flew everywhere.

How he wished this force had landed on Feng Tianlan.

"If there werent any guests around, I suppose this force would have landed on me. Then, you could have seized power after killing your own daughter." Feng Tianlan only calmly raised an eyebrow at Feng Xiangs anger. She wasnt bothered at all. Still, this one statement from her pushed Feng Xiangs reputation further down the drain.

"What father behaves like Feng Xiang? She only said a few things, and he became so angry."

"Looks like the whole story about how Feng Tianlan was raped and jumped off the cliff must have been made up by Feng Xiang to seize power."

"Hes a desperate man who married into the family, and his daughter is truly a concubines child. One wants to snatch power away, while the other wants to snatch her sisters fianc. Theyre worthless people, after all."

"Who knows what will happen when were not around maybe Feng Xiang will kill Feng Tianlan for the sake of power."

"Feng Tianlan, so what if your last name is Feng, and so what if youre the rightful heiress? Youre nothing but a good-for-nothing, so how dare you say that your father has no right to be the head of the family?" said Xu Jiayi coldly. After hearing what the guests were murmuring among themselves, she couldnt hold back anymore.

Feng Tianlans existence was a constant reminder that she, Xu Jiayi, was a concubine, and her two daughters were of lower status as a result. With Feng Tianlan around, Yuer would always be the woman whod stolen her sisters fianc. She couldnt bear to let Yuer be destroyed by such a label or let her talented Peier bear the lowly status of a concubines daughter!

Feng Xiang had calmed down a little now, because he knew that being angry would work against him after hearing the guests talk about how he would kill his daughter to get power. So, he could not fight for power, at least not for now.

"Tianlan is right in saying that, as a man, I cannot be the head. But" Feng Xiang pushed Feng Xiupei in front of him and said, "Peier is the greatest genius of South Winds Nation, so she is eligible for this position."

Peier bore the surname Feng, had excellent potential and was already an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master at fifteen. Who would dare to say she wasnt eligible?

"Father" Feng Xiupei frowned a little when she heard that her father wanted her to become the Feng Clan Head but managed to keep it together.

Her ambitions had never been confined to the Feng clanthey didnt even lie within Guiyuan Continent. She didnt want to be the Feng Clan Head. She wanted to be the phoenix that flew out of Guiyuan Continent. This was the honor that she, Feng Xiupei, deserved.

"Tianlan, you two were born mere hours apart, but Peier is already an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master. For the sake of the clans future, surely you dont have any objections, right?" Feng Xiang scoffed in his heart when he saw the Phoenix Emblem in mid-flight on Feng Tianlans forehead.

So what if Feng Tianlan bore the Phoenix Emblem that only appeared on the rightful heir to the Feng clan? She was only a good-for-nothing and wasnt good enough to be the clans head.

Once everything that transpired here tonight blew over, they would find another chance to kill off Feng Tianlan then use Peiers status as a disciple of Flying Frost Pavilion to marry the Xuantian Continents prince. After that, he would get Peier to hand the clan back to him, and he would become the Feng Clan Head. The grand plan hadnt changed, it had merely been delayed.




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